$5000 for a 1994 DRC La Tache, fair price?

1994 is my birth year, so I’m not really looking for a deal here. Just wondering if this bottle is worth $5k in this current market?

def strong buy. love the weathered / vintage style of the label too. happy birthday!

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Paging Don Cornwell, paging Don Cornwell! Bottle inspection in room #1. :slight_smile:

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lol this one might be too triggering.

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If this is a good bottle and it appears to be with a decent fill, it is worth it.

since I was born in a shitty wine year I’d rather drink a great vintage. 94 pretty weak . . .


Mediocre wine - lots of better stuff for 5000( although not much in ‘94 -except Vega,Las cases is ok )

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LT 1994 is an ok wine, very good for the (bad) vintage …
tasted blind not much more worth than 150 bucks …

If you have 5000 $ to spend buy Romanee St Vivant 1997/JJ Confuron (winner of our LT tasting) for 500 … and give the rest to charity …

You can get a case of '94 Dominus for 5k.

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Giving someone else’s money to charity. You must be in politics? [wow.gif]

How about recommending buying 10 bottles of the Confuron?

From 1994, Quinta do Noval Nacional. Plenty of great Ports from that vintage but the Nacional is a possible GOAT.

As for the La Tache, it may be a good price for the bottle, but not a good price for the wine. If you are asking, this is serious money for you, and the chances are that the wine ranges from mediocre to good. You can buy cases of a better wine. My son was born in 1994, and we open a Mouton 1994 every year on his birthday. It is delicious now and will stay there for at least another dozen years. And for the price of the La Tache, you will be able to buy a case and follow it. And there are plenty of other similar great wines.

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… IF cou can find them …

Wise words and speaking like a true connoisseur.

I always tell me non-burgundy wines friends is : money is important for enjoyment of red burgundy but the worse thing is : the availability.

Then…when you got it and arranged a dinner for the event. The bottle is DOA.

I am lucky in a way that I was not allowed to buy the 1962 LT from Bel-air 20/20.

Merci Alan …

1994 is a fantastic year for Napa. Other than Screaming Eagle, you can get 3-12 bottles of the best wines from that vintage for $5K, and they should be at a great age now, plus the styling was more classical in 1994 than in 2001-present. Harlan, Dalla Valle Maya, Dominus, Colgin Herb Lamb, Ridge Monte Bello (not Napa of course), Opus One, etc. etc.

Of course, it’s your money and your birthday, and you should get what will make you happy.

[Penfolds Grange is another one you could consider. Looks like $725 for the 1994, probably less if you can find one at an auction. Should be good, on the younger side, now.]