5 decades of Rioja

I decided to draft an article as a follow up on the epic wine tasting of Rioja which I arranged for a group of wine enthusiasts some time ago. Along with some peculiar facts about the wine region I share my 10 insights which you may find useful as well.

5 decades of Rioja

Nice write up Stas, even Greg T might even think so…

Thanks Stas. I enjoyed that a lot. I knew a bit about the wines, grapes, and wine making, but not the history.


Very nice and informative article. By coincidence, I had a Rioja tasting all set for our wine group, including some of the same producers back to 1970, and then covid hit. The wines are still boxed up and waiting. Rioja ages so remarkably well, and is so affordable compared with other fine wines. then it’s just a matter of trying to ensure decent provenance. My best luck was sourcing thru Rare Wine Co, but I haven’t recently checked on their supply.