4th of July weekend Crabfest

Ladies and Gents:

Major Franks and I will be hosting our annual Crabfest the weekend of the 4th of July. Culminating but not limited to the fireworks show and magnum festivus on the the night of the 4th on my patio overlooking the Sound with Mount Rainier in the background.

We will definitely be open and willing to host events on the 3rd and 5th as well, as there should be plenty of crab and wine flowing. Show the South Sound some love for a change!


I’ll look into this. Don’t have any definitive plans as of yet.

We need some Whetstone in the Northwest! I was just delivered 2 mags, directly from the winery, of 1995 Karl Lawrence. It’s a bit of a 4th of July legend around here.

Can we move July 4th to August 12 or 13th?

Don’t worry, we’ll take very good care of you when you are here.

Why does that seem to scare me a bit?

I’ll be in Telluride on those dates.

Jordan, we have the photos. All you’ll need to ask when you’re there is “Is it Safe?”

Crabfest on the 4th? Do they still sell Quell Lotion?

Damn, Jack. Thanks for the memories…Lake Havasu, 1989. Sheesh.


we will be in seattle from the 12th-15th. Driving down to portland on the 16th

Real shame about that Jordan, I don’t even know if Phil will still be here. But if your in Portland you’ll need to look up Bob Wood. I’m sure he’ll open a 2 Buck Chuck in your honor. [rofl.gif]

It’s 3 Buck Chuck around here, I’ll have you know.

We have assembled a solid crew thus far. We do however need some more berserkers. Cris, you still interested?

I need to sit down and look at some flight pricing this week. I’ll try to give you a positive or negative afterward.

Having been lucky enough to enjoy a couple of Dungeness feeds with good wine friends a bit up the coast from Steve and Phil, I would endorse you making this happen. You know they’ll take great care of you, too.

Saxon, when are you going out to catch the crabs? [Insert STD joke here.]

I might be able to make this. What hotel are people staying at? A simple google on “gig harbor hotels” pulled up Inn at Gig Harbor and Best Western Wesley Inn.

Anyone want to share a rental car? I get a killer rate but it seems silly to have 4 seats in a car and just one person if others want/need/care to share a ride.

The hotels in Gig Harbor lack a bit but are suitable for this occasion. By far the best hotel in the area is the Murano in Tacoma. I live in Tacoma and can give you a ride to Steve’s or show you the way. It looks like most of the crew is coming out of Seattle.
Let us know!