3rd Quarter Salumi Lunch - Seattle

Another terrific lunch with the crew. I sincerely can’t imaging a better group of folks to be with. I’m am going to miss this crew more than you could imagine. My warmest thanks to everyone, their generosity and friendship.

I know, no notes but trust me I’m in no shape right now.

Ed & Joan Murray
Adam Noble
Eric Levine
Michael Gordon
Brian Abramson
Dan Walker (joined us for the after party and provided some epic wines)

Not Levine (left) and Levine (right)

After Party at Seattle Wine Storage: Chuck was kicking us out because he had a soccer game but…

After the after party with pizza:

Yea, just another day. [wink.gif]

Was the 70 Lafite your birthyear? Mine is 71 and I’m wondering if there is anything out there that was good in 71…

Love Salumi. Sounds like it was a freakin’ incredible lunch. how did the chow go with all of those French wines? You know, Mario wouldn’t be happy with all of those French wines being drunk with Italian food!!

70? Do I look that old? I’m vintage 74.

The wines all rocked. I’m not kidding. Not a dog in the bunch. The Barolo’s probably stole the show at lunch though.

Hey, who you calling ‘old’ Soldier? [wink.gif] A 70 man myself Phil.

Im really curious to hear about those Barolos, especially the 99 Giacosa and the Parusso. Please post a note or two when you have time.

The Barolo all showed exceptionally well. The Giacosa was classic, youthful but just starting to unwind a bit. Beautiful nose that you would expect and much of the astringency is gone. Killer in 5 more years.

The Parusso I couldn’t get enough of. Soaring aromas of tar, anise, and black fruits. The tannins are starting to lay down a bit but this wine is still nowhere near maturity.

The 2001 La Spinetta is still a huge brooding wine. Tons of fruit and tannin this wine was drinking fairly well today but it has a LONG way to go. I really don’t know if this will ever be my style of Barolo as it’s fairly modern but it is well made.

The Bruno Rocca Barbaresco was drinking exceptionally well. Full of blackberry, mocha, tar, roses, and earthy tones. Still a very structured and full bodied wine this was a treat to drink and will live for years.
For the Burgs:

The 1995 Drouhin was still a bit shy for me but that the 1995 vintage from Drouhin. I really liked the wine it just felt like it was holding something back. It developed well all afternoon but never seems to show its full potential. I’d hold for another few years.

I loved the Dugat-Py and I love Charmes. This wine was a bit funky at first but it eventually blew off and revealed itself to the group. Full of dark cherry, violets and a kiss of oak. Another exceptional Charmes that is worth holding for a few more years.

Easily the wine of the night for me was the 1995 Domaine Armand Rousseau Père et Fils Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cru Clos St. Jacques. This wine absolutely leaped from the glass and grabbed my attention. Full of extremely pure Pinot goodness, waves of strawberries, lavender, cherries, leather, earth and on and on. Man was this a treat and thank you to Dan Walker.

Great seeing you guys. Pissed I had to miss the lunch, but glad I got to catch you on the rebound.

That CSJ was delicious, right? Incredible nose. It hit me the second I pulled the cork. And I agree with your comment last night, when the palate catches up, that wine will be killer.

That’s some legit drinking. Cheers

So glad I made it out, really a ton of fun!

I loved the Rocca, the Parusso, the Dugat-Py, the Mouton (pfeh on the low WA rating, this was fantastic low-90’s wine) and the Dom. Wished for a little more from my bottle of Las Cases. Great German wine for dessert too!

As Phile says, not a stinker in the bunch. Super fun time, and you guys kept on partying too, very impressive!

Sounds like a good time. Nice wines. Any pics of food?


Unfortunately I don’t. I hope others do.

Great time - I love these lunches! Here’s a list of food I can remember:

Salumi plate - awesome!
Bruschetta with lardo and some Italian cheese (cascabel?), another with arugula and fava bean pesto
Vinegar/pickled (?) cipollini
Radicchio wrapped in prociutto and roasted
Carrots in lemon butter
Shrimp with butter, garlic and Korean red pepper flakes (super)
Lamb leg with roasted new potatoes
Wax beans with basil pesto
Spaghetti with rapini and guanciale - pieces of gunciale cooked with the rapini, and them huge slabs of it garnishing the dish (amazing!)

OK, what am I missing?

Great wines. I’m clearly in the minority, but I thought the Drouhin was at or near the top. The Rocca Barolo was just singing, too. And what can you say about 96 Dom?

Thanks for putting this together! Sorry I missed the Locker party. Had I but known (I still would have missed it, but a guy can dream).