$300 Chinese Wine Arrives In America

$300 Chinese Wine Arrives In America

If you pay even casual attention to the wine world you’ll be aware that China has recently emerged as a major player – it’s estimated consumption has been rising 15% annually – but most people, bemused by headlines of the fantastic auction prices big-name Bordeaux has fetched in Hong Kong, and amused by the often ludicrous attempts of counterfeiters to pass off Chateau Lafight and Chateau Lafete as the real thing, focus on China as a market for other country’s wines.

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Easiest pass in all my years of wine buying.

The article writer is named Passmore. Perfect.

Ambitious pricing for a first release, even if eventually it might warrant such prices. Seems better targeted to the Chinese luxury market - an ability for those who throw money around to throw it at a home-grown winery.

If you divide the wine among ten glasses of Coke, the price per serving can be possible to swallow.


I’m on the list.

I’ll be watching their Berserker Day offering.

Easy pass for me too.

But then, I don’t buy Napa Cab either.

Beautiful picture of vineyard nestled amongst the Himalayan peaks. Description of the growing conditions was intriguing to me too: “high altitude and long growing season, and dramatic temperature inversion (as much as 30° Celsius) between day and night.”

No reason why, with Moet-Hennessy level of investment, high end Chinese wine won’t follow the lead/success of Napa.

Not sure the Chinese will buy. . . actually, I’d be surprised if any wealthy Chinese do in large quantities. The wealthy Chinese like to buy “foreign” things . . . not products made in their own country. Drinking French or Napa is a lot more “higher class” than a $300 cab made in their backyard.


90% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Cabernet Franc, from the vines planted ten years ago. Bright red fruit driven nose, cherry and cranberry, a hint of green pepper vegetal, perhaps cumin, lead pencil and earth. One bottle showed medium concentration and the better bottle showed excellent concentration. The impression for me combines the nose of a very good non-classified left bank Bordeaux and a perfectly ripe high end Loire Cab Franc. It reminds Jean- Guillaume the bright red fruits of Pic Saint-Loup. It will be interesting to follow the projects as the vines mature.

$280 US MSRP. (90 pts.)

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Not to be confused with “high crass” Lefete.

2014 vintage (the second) available at K and L…

2014 Ao Yun, China

“Proud Cloud” in Tibetan. This is the second vintage of this Bordeaux blend. Grown at 8000 feet in the Himalayas and only 50 miles from Burma. It is a nine-hour jeep drive from Shanri-La. The air is so thin that fermentation is quite an effort, but the wine is very good and exceptionally rare. (Clyde Beffa Jr, K&L Wine Merchants)

I’ve had it and we sell it where I work.

It’s okay. Surprisingly well selling for what it is.

Easily the heaviest bottle I have ever handled. 750 feels like a magnum. It comes with an individual bamboo wooden box that seems to be a real selling point for the people buying it…

My favorite line was this…

‘It can take any amount of oxygen you can throw at it and remain unchanged. A half-drunk bottle tasted exactly the same 48 hours after opening as it had the first minute. I’ve never encountered such immutability in a table wine before.’

I don’t know that this is a good thing.

The added melamine and trace amounts of strontium-90 effectively inhibit oxidation and microbial activity.

Why try to make real wines, when they are earning so much money with fakes?
When a fake wine is bad, only the faked winery is blamed.
Now, when a real wine is bad, they themselves will be blamed.

What price would make it so you would try it and see?

For me, around 90 bucks.

I have a different approach to this … get a small group of wine geeks and everyone throw in $50 bucks and the six will have the bragging rights … most of the very high end wines I try are most def with a few friends going in on the wine … it just makes it fun and if it’s really great, we add it to the list of quality producers… if she is far off the mark ,we move forward to the next best grape hope and this makes for very fun experiences … so no I would not pay $300, but $50 I am in …

Shalom !!!

Salute !!!

If your not aware…None of the bottles contain any MSG and each order comes with a free fortune cookie.