3 x 2001 Red Burgs

This was an intereting grouping. No super-formal notes. The Drouhin never came around from a somewhat dank and funky stage. There may have been some bret issues as the fruit was grumbly at best and the wine was sort of dark and muddy but not in a yet to be formed sort of way. The M-G took a bit of coaxing but it showed tight, racy dark red fruit and fine tannins. Not particularly supple, it enjoyed the accompaniment of the food quite a bit and was delicious with lamb and roasted chicken. The Rousseau was the most expansive and showed enough maturity combined with youthful breadth that it was quite easy to come back to again and again. Definitely still doing its thing with many fine, fine years ahead of it.

And, again, sorry for the rotated picture. I have no idea why some pics show up like this and others don’t even when taken with the same camera angle. And I don’t know how to fix the issue.

Open the picture file in MS Paint, rotate 90 degrees, save, and upload again.

Pop’n’poured or double decanted hours before or what?
Surprised that they showed so little.

Jim, thanks for the 01 Rousseau CSJ note I still have a couple of those to open. Trying to hold off till at least their 20th bday in 2021.

They were simply opened and poured. The M-G and the Rousseau were both really quite nice. Just not extensive notes.

Jim, thanks for the notes. Those are all great wines, the M-G being particularly hard to get here.

I’ve opened a few 2001 Burgundy GCs lately, they’re starting to drink quite well. A 2001 Bachelet Charmes was lovely, my WoTN on Saturday night, edging out Mike’s very nice 2002 Rousseau CSJ. My other wine was a 2001 Dugat-Py Charmes. What a contrast! Even with seven hours of oxygen it was hugely structured (but drinkable and very good).

A couple of months ago I opened a 2001 H-N Richebourg and a 2001 Rousseau Chambertin, both of which, with plenty of aeration before serving, were typical in their styles, and lovely.

I also have a couple of 2001 Rousseau CSJs and plan to open at least one before 2021. [cheers.gif]

Cheers, Howard

Agree on the 2001’s showing well these days. Had the 2001 Serafin charmes-chambertin again about a month ago (courtesy of Dr Grenley) and it’s in a great spot–more oak than what I would usually prefer but it has integrated just beautifully.

Had the 2001 CSJ last Christmas. Looked very nice.