24 Hours In Oregon Wine Country

Have about 24 hours to explore Oregon wine in late September. Land at PDX at 11 AM and have to be back at PDX in time to catch a 2:45 PM flight next day.

Would love to see Goodfellow, Biggio-Hamina and PGC in but I’m worried that would be too much windshield time.

Better to stay in Portland and explore the tasting rooms there? I’ve done the brewery and coffee thing in Portland before so that’s of no interest.

Or, rush to McMinnville, taste, stay overnight and head back to Portland the next morning?

Not sure I want to do a couple tastings and then drive back to Portland that night. If so, recommend a car service over a rental?

I’ve read multiple OR/WV threads on WB but none as whirlwind as this! And, I’m not sure I saw any car service recommendations although it appears many exist from an online search.

I’d drive to McM. I could be forgetting someone, but other than Division, you’ll Have way better tasting experience in the valley.

You should arrive by 1, unless you stop along the way. If you can coordinate with the wineries’ availability, no reason you couldn’t hit PGC on the way to McM, then Todd and Marcus (or Vice versa). If you need food en route, stop at Red Hills Market in Dundee or stop at Valley Commissary in McM before visiting Todd & Marcus.

Then enjoy a nice evening in McM - if you like beer, hit Heater Allen if they are open, Allegory Brewing or Bitter Monk beer bar (usually pretty awesome tap list + bottles). Lots of nice restaurants - Thistle, Bistro Maison, La Rambla, etc.

You could probably schedule a tasting for the next morning on your return to PDX. Community has good breakfast, but I prefer the coffee at Flag & Wire.

A local friend who did consulting in Portland for a couple of years raves about Wine on Broadway. Very knowledgeable women who run it who suggest some excellent Oregon pinot noirs to try.


The pulled pork breakfast burrito at Community is awesome and they were serving 1-2 Flag and Wire coffees when I was in there.


Do stop by Pix Patisserie/Bar Vivant in Portland for the best champagne list on the West Coast, if champagne is your jam. I’d love to join you :slight_smile:

Tough call. But if you can get out of PDX quickly and head straight to Mac (but plan on 90-120 minute drive). See me first?, then park in McMinnville proper so you could walk to Goodfellow, Heater Allen, dining etc and it will all work out fine.

If you want to check out Heater Allen, give me a call and I’ll pour you a few tastes if I’m around (which is usually the case). There is a new restaurant in town - Pizza Capo. It’s good.

Thank you for the feedback. Leaning heavily towards spending the night in McMinnville. Once I get it all ironed out will reach out for a few appointments.

I saw a few negative comments on the Hotel Oregon. Stayed at their property in Bend last year. It was not luxurious by any stretch but adequately quirky. Similar sentiment about Hotel Oregon?

I’m a big VRBO guy when I travel. Have to say this Yurt is quite appealing in a likely overwhelmingly quirky way.

I’ve stayed at the Hotel Oregon many times. Avoid it on weekends, especially holiday weekends. Otherwise, you will enjoy the stay unless you
need lots of space and total silence.

For families I recommend Third Street Flats. If you need luxury, Atticus Hotel fills the bill (in more ways than one).

Peter, I looked at Atticus after reading other threads. It looks very nice but for a quick one night trip it’s hard for me to get excited about paying $400/night.

It’ll just be two of us so a large flat would be overkill.

Love Hotel Oregon but beware you don’t get a private bathroom. My wife loves the quirkiness but won’t stay there because of the bathroom situation.


I’d do this. You could then hit Eyrie and/or Westrey which are both within walking distance to Goodfellow. Rick Allen’s beers are not to be underestimated either. They are fantastic and right in the same area.

Sounds like a great day trip!

VRBO is a good choice, and Mac has quite a few options.

I would guess the drive out would be less than 120 minutes, and would suggest you head straight to Mac and hit PGC in the morning on the way back to town.

Scott and Sean are on point. Don’t miss Heater-Allen. And I would add Valley Commissary to your breakfast thoughts.

Thanks Marcus. I will reach out to schedule an appointment once I have details finalized. Thanks!

Yeah, I would recommend staying overnight in McMinnville. Lots of VRBO options and you should have plenty of time for your preferred visits. That’s a great lineup for 24 hours with Biggio Hamina, Goodfellow on Day 1 and PGC on Day 2.

And as others have mentioned, go see Rick at Heater Allen. Wonderful beers and I look forward to seeing Lisa in Charlotte at next weekend’s Lager Fest.


Not sure how many but they do have queen and king rooms available with a private bathroom.

Yeah definitely get out of Portland right away and down into the Valley. It’s a pretty easy/quick drive. Nothing against Portland, good city, but might as well do it right and you have enough time.

You could stay here… https://pastryranch.wordpress.com/

Todd, are you saying the yurt should be out? https://t.vrbo.io/YfEBvIK3UY