2023 West Coast Weather and Farming Thread

Been over a week. Any updates?

Rain is gone. All our creeks have returned into their banks. The reservoirs have done their job sparing the population from mass flooding and water storage has risen to ample levels for the coming year

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Some smaller roads, generally in the various sets of hills/mountains, are still closed while damage is being repaired, one road has been closed for nearly a month. A few of these roads are used by commuters, so commutes are even more messed up than usual during the busy times.

At work, we are trying to be flexible with schedules to ameliorate where possible. There are also some homes that appear to be impossible to access, not sure but they may be letting the few residents in that area pass through.

Not sure about the situation in the Santa Cruz mountains and some of the coastal areas and roads, but there are areas that must still be a mess.


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