2022 sqn

Anyone biting? $190/btl before taxes and shipping.

Yeah in for full allocation.

On the fence. If anyone wants to take it let me know.

Have reached the end of the road, for SQN and many others. My cellar is full, so it’s time I pass the baton. Hopefully my spot goes to someone here.


Interesting, I skipped the last allocation and didn’t get kicked off the list…

Does anyone know the total production for the 2022 Distenta syrah and grenache? Given the length of the release letter (4 pages), I’m surprised this information isn’t given.

$215 a bottle with tax and shipping. I’m sure many will bite!!!

I did, 3 of each, no mags. Relatively new to the list.

Based on the number of people posting at cost offers, it seems it’s become the next Harlan.

How long were you on the list before offer?

Didn’t Manfred used to throw people off of the list if they flipped their bottles?

Honestly I don’t recall, but I’m guessing at least 8 years or so.

Indeed he did - not sure if that’s the case now as there are so many avenues to take to sell off your allocations that it’d be difficult to do . . .

I thought he posted here that he didn’t care what people did with their bottles?

I skipped last offer and got dropped. Which is what I wanted and expected.

AG had previously written that SQN production in 2022 was down 50%. But I haven’t been able to find case totals.

You can miss a release and not get thrown off the list, but I’m sure two is the limit. I’ve been on since 2006, but it doesn’t WOW me any more. I’ve put it in several blind tastings with the likes of Alban, Andremily, Paul Lato and other top rated Syrahs. It holds its own, but it doesn’t stand out.

I kept buying it as the price crept up with the thought that it was an investment. At one time it was. But, you haven’t been able to flip SQN at a significant profit since Stockholm Syndrome (2010). There are 7 pages of SQN wines on Winebid right now. At current auction prices, if I sold anything I purchased, I would just break even or lose money.

And, I’m disappointed in the decision to abandon the unique names for each vintage. Distenta is boring. You may as well call it 2022 Eleven Confessions Syrah.


The price creep is real. I have whittled my buys down to 3+3 of the regular release and 1 6pk of Estate and was removed from mags as my orders dropped. I reached out for Elaine and told them I’d be ordering less with 2 kids in school etc…and they were super cool about it.

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IIRC, he said that once the bottles are in the buyer’s hands, the buyer can do whatever he wants with them. But they also want buyers to be drinkers. So it was my understanding that if people were simply buying to flip they would have their allocations pared down or eliminated.

I couldn’t agree more on this point. The days of tying a unique bottle name to a special occasion. I can’t remember was that Distenta 1, 2 or 3. now I just refer to the artwork…

So many offers. I feel torn. Have never had one I didn’t like, but seems like the times they are a changing as well.