2022 Louis Michel Grand Cru


Before I jump in, has anyone tried these yet? I really like what Jasper had to say but I couldn’t find anything from @William_Kelley on the 2022 vintage. Thanks for any and all feedback.

I know that this is like asking what its like to drive an S class and describing an A class Benz, but the '22 Louis Michel Chablis AC is quite classic, nice freshness, not too ripe and with plenty of oyster shell action. one of teh better ACs I have had recently so I woudl expect the GCs to be well worth trying.

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Very few are in the market today.
FWIW, I have bought the premier crus but have not yet opened one. What I’m tasting of the village wines gives me hope.

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Tasted the 22 1er Cru’s when we were in Chablis a month ago. Did not taste the GC but the PC’s were awesome.

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Are we still talking about Louis Michel? :thinking:

Never mind, I’m thinking of Fevre.

My local shop has the following of 2022’s:
Montee de Tonnerre

Should pick some up…

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