2022 Kinsman Eades release (8/2022, 2019 vintage)

Vinous has the best maps, but I think you can only see them if you are a subscriber.

For example, the M-Bar vineyard I mentioned is visible on the Vinous map, but not on Google Maps one.

Had my first of their wines (19 Anjea) at Christmas. I’m sold. Hoping I get some '21 offering as I skipped the futures (wasn’t budgeting for it when they released and I hadn’t even tried it yet!). I may regret not buying futures. Decanted 19 Anjea for 6+ hrs. Best glass was a glass I saved for day two but it was VERY enjoyable all of day one too, just smoothed out day two and was more harmonious.


My day 2 of the 16 Anjea was the exact opposite which was a surprise. It wasn’t bad, but off enough to really notice. Day 1 was off the charts good and wish we finished the bottle then.

Sounds like it over oxidized day one?

How much was left in the bottle after day one? And I ask this because it’s important to know how much head space was left after day one; the temperature the wine was stored at overnight; whether the bottle was gassed or not.

All of these factors are truly important to understand the circumstances and why you may have experienced what you did.


I poured it into a flip top cap and there was maybe a little over an inch of space above the fill. More space than usual but not much. I figured it was probably ox. Temp would be in the mid 60s tops.

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Pretty new to the list, when do they usually do the release?

next release is Spring 2024

I’m excited.

Can only hope…

‘I am hesitant to guess because they don’t seem to want the source disclosed yet, but I love a good wine mystery so I can’t resist…

My guess is M-Bar Vineyard, which is near VHR, lesser known, and Accendo currently sources fruit from there.’

Close, I’m calling Moffitt. Nigel mentioned the vineyard source for Kodo was recently replanted, and comments in the Vinous map indicate it was being redeveloped.

I wondered what “recently replanted” means…as in how recent. Ulysses vineyard right there wasn’t replanted too terribly long ago. M-Bar same story. Who knows. I just know I hope I get a shot at Kodo and Kaanos!