2021 Travel

we cancelled three trips to europe in 2020 and despite being vaccinated, we dont have high hopes for 2021. hoping to visit london/paris for a week in november. i think that is realistic but i havent pulled the trigger on anything.

just booked a week near burlington for early summer. we love vermont but goddamn, i miss france, italy and spain.

We are considering a flight to our place in FL in mid May. Even though we are both vaccinated, we are still hesitant. We’re also doing a beach staycation in July.
We do have optimistic big travel plans for 2022.

My family and I just got back from skiing in Colorado. Absolutely refreshing. We are now discussing a late July/early August trip (domestic) with my family of four and all four Grandparents. Thinking SF and wine country, but open to other ideas. All of the Grandparents ages range from 75-78. All are in good health, but my MIL isn’t really into the hiking/biking thing. I’d love to go to Jackson, WY, but it may be too much adventure kinda stuff for the Grandparents.

In the past few years, the eight of us have travelled to Israel (2x), Italy, Spain, and Amsterdam. This past summer we were thinking of France but obviously never went.

All six adults have been fully vaxxed and the two kids will be vaxxed well in advance of travel.

Well for better or worse the pandemic has forced us out of our normal travel destination comfort zone. I drove across the country for the first time and have been doing weekend trips here and there. Since the pandemic started we have hit 25 states and did a week in Ghana which was nearly COVID free.

Absolutely dying to get back to Paris and Germany as well as many other places. Still optimistic for this year!

Canceled Australia and Singapore for last summer.

Most likely a last minute option mid summer. Hopefully Italy

Jackson may be doable with the grandparents if they are active at all. There’s plenty of overlooks/scenic spots in the Tetons and Yellowstone with short or no walks. Will be crowded though.

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I’m finally booked on Alaska. They had a sale that expired/expires at midnight local time. JFK to SEA under $100. Same goes for SEA to Austin. We’re touring the country. [wink.gif] Yay. Glad to be back in the air.

Hawaii in May/June for 2 weeks
London/Paris/Vienna in September. If only Britian is open, I’ll switch to that.
Mauii in November.

Cancelled Spain and Israel for May/June 2020 and May/June 2021. Maybe 2022.

We’re hoping for Vienna next summer so I’ll be asking advice. I haven’t been in ages.

Wailea in October and hoping for, but not counting on, France in December.

We’re keeping it conservative for a while longer. We’re still not doing planes.

Driving to NC to visit family this Spring. Cape Cod, family again, this summer.

I’m hoping that hotel stays are more mainstream come fall so we can do some long weekends in Mystic and Bar Harbor.

We just finalized Telluride for July.

In 2022, I’d like to make it to Japan and Spain.


I’ve found that hotels aren’t really a problem. Wear a mask, don’t get the room made up daily, don’t hang out in the hotel lobby or bar. I think you should be fine but everyone’s comfort level is different. I hope that you enjoy those long weekends.

We were in Vienna in Nov 2019 - our last European jaunt before the shutdown. So glad we made the trip. It was a repeat trip for us - but the first was in 1993! I think we appreciated it so much more this trip. Happy to provide any recs if you need them.


We stayed at a number of hotels since June and have found that while there are some changes, it all depends on your comfort level. The rooms are usually either not made up during your stay or only on request, they have contactless drop off of additional towels, etc., many items in the rooms (coffee makers, etc) have been removed, some not all have discontinued room service, spas are usually back open although without hammams, most other activities are back to normal, etc. For us, we avoid indoor dining, hotel bars, and other crowded places. But it is so good to be traveling again. Good luck!

Croatia booked for late June and hoping it sticks. Replacing the trip we were planning to take last summer. Damn I hope the world can see the world again.

Doing 11 days in New Mexico next month. Did two weeks in Southern Utah over New Years and 10 days in Maine in August. Two flights, stayed in rentals (three nights in hotels - felt very safe), didn’t lose mind. Looking forward to Europe opening up again

Postponed booking a spring 2020 N. Italy/ S. France 2x over past 19 months, due to my cancer diagnosis & treatment (all clear), then Covid. Seems unlikely we get vax’d until the summer and we are now under a provincial/ federal mandate that is holding off 2nd doses for 4 months which means we may not get a 2nd dose until much later this year. Kids are still in school and we still work full time so don’t travel as much as many, so would prefer when we do travel that our experience is relaxed and something close to pre-Covid, which is the drawn out way to say - we probably won’t re-plan that trip to happen until fall 2022 or spring 2023 at the earliest. Suspect some places may be jammed for a number of years as travellers “catch-up” on missed trips or shake off the covid isolation, so maybe I’m still being optimistic with timing.

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From the articles I am reading and from a friend’s first hand experience this week, if you plan on renting a car, better do it early. Even if you do it early as my friend did, the rental agency may not have a car when you arrive. Rates are higher too. He found the same thing when wanting a Uber to take him to the airport. Two pricing tiers - $44 if Uber arrives in less than 40 minutes, $88 if arrives 40 - 60 minutes. He chose the lower price. It never arrived. The ride to the airport used to be $17.