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Some people live to eat, others eat to live; some work to live, others live to work. I live and work to travel, like many of us who participate on Wineberserkers. In 2020, we cancelled three months of travel in the US, Europe, and Mexico. Given the vagaries of the pandemic, I booked no travel in 2021 until yesterday. Fingers crossed, I booked three weeks in Cabo starting Memorial Day weekend for my wife and me, the last week of which we will be joined by our son, daughter, and their significant others. All of us are very excited to travel and be together again for the first time in over a year. My spirits are better this morning than they have been all pandemic because we have a family trip to anticipate. We can’t wait to go. We can’t wait to put the pandemic and its funk behind us. Like many, we have endured terrible pandemic and other losses over the past 12 months and it is a relief to have travel hopes once again.

We postponed a lengthy Corsica, Sardinia, Paris trip in 2020 with the hope of going this year. We still hope to go, but haven’t booked anything in Europe yet for the fall. If Europe remains a no-go, we’ll likely spend the fall driving around New England and the Tri State area, coronavirus permitting.

What are your travel plans for 2021?

Like everyone else, we postponed a bunch of stuff in 2020. Now we want to make up for lost time. My wife and I got vaccinated a bit ago, and we just spent a week in San Diego, which was excellent. And we’re planning on 4 nights in Cabo in May.

For the summer, while I’m itching to return to Europe/Asia, we’re going to wait until 2022 to plan a trip that’s farther afield. So the current plan is to spend the month of July (and perhaps part of August) somewhere beautiful. The likely destination right now is Telluride, where we spent a phenomenal month last summer. We’re also considering other mountain towns, as well as Maine.

We just cancelled our yearly Galicia, Spain rental for late June. We just didn’t think it was fair to tie it up when they might be able to rent to a Spanish traveler who would be less likely to have to cancel. We moved it to next year, same time.

We’re still hopeful we may get Spain for at least a long weekend this summer and Japan in fall. I almost pulled the trigger on tickets for our usual every-other-year Thanksgiving long weekend in Piedmont for 2021, but changed my mind last minute.

Very much hope you and your family can keep your plans, Mark! Here’s to meeting up again in Paris soon.

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We are both retired. We take short trips (2 weeks) by land but our long trips are cruises. All of our cruises for 2020 and 2021 were cancelled by cruise lines with the exception of one. We are hopeful it will sail but given the state of the planet at his time, no one knows for certain. Our cruise is scheduled to depart Miami on 21 December this year and end in NYC on 5 July 2022.

If you go to Telluride, I suggest planning it around the jazz festival. I’ve been many times (about 15); can’t go anymore because of O2 issues. It’s fantastic.

Itching to go back to Europe, but realistically can’t see it happening until late fall. Maybe a Thanksgiving trip to Europe or Canada if the stars align. Ticket prices are excellent so we’ve started looking.

We had booked a villa in Umbria for a family trip in May 2020, which was rolled to May 2021, and which now has been rolled to May 2022. :crossed_fingers:t2:

In the meantime, we are traveling in the US - driving only so far - and have enjoyed time at Sea Island and the Eastern NC mountains - a total of 11 states and counting. We have plans to visit the aunts in Destin, and for some BigTen hockey games this fall if they open the arenas. Otherwise, looking for opportunities to try new destinations stateside.

My wife and I had to cancel a trip to Amsterdam in April 2020. She turns 50 this year in October and wanted to be away on a beach on her b-day . We decided to go to Aruba, primarily since it has the best chance for good weather in the Caribbean and it works from us (live in NY and prefer Delta). I’m hoping we can make it this year-Covid permitting .

Also might be going to the Caribbean (or somewhere) with our college kids this summer , scheduling and Covid permitting .

We had a trip to Italy planned for last Spring, and had hoped to make it this Fall. Given the slow rate of vaccinations in Europe right now, I’m not optimistic. Our back-up plan is to spend a few weeks in the UK instead, assuming that their current COVID restrictions get lifted. If that doesn’t work, we’ll probably go to New England.

In the meantime, we’ll probably take a road trip to Sonoma in May…

Had to cancel a planned month in Portugal last year. Making up for it by selling our house and moving to Spain this year. (If the visa gets sorted by then, it will be late June or July.)

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Grand Cayman in November (assuming they find a way to allow unvaccinated kids in).
Jersey shore in august (ok that barely counts)
June - as posted in this forum somewhere mountainous, maybe CO or WY or NM.

December-Annual Aruba family trip
this weekend-drive to Chicago and stay in a hotel for the first time in over a year
we will do more driving trips this year and fly as soon as my wife is feels safe getting on an airplane.

California - Napa and Big Sur - in July
UK and France in late September … pretty confident about the UK portion, keeping our fingers crossed about France

We are heading to Sonoma/Mendocino end of April. We just decided last week to book the trip and are really excited to finally travel again.

2020 saw us having to cancel our trip to Napa/Sonoma, even though we will both be vaccinated by May, I’m not sure if I want to rebook this year or not (we prefer to go in early Summer, after a close brush with wildfires in 2017). Will definitely be going to the Finger Lakes in late June to visit some wineries there, since it is on the way to my Wive’s parents house.

They shut down France again. I cancelled my June trip to Beaune about a month ago. Probably traveling to Florida a bit. I have plans to go to Maryland in May and Vermont in July. Looks like I might be planning more domestic travel as overseas is not looking good at this point.

I wouldn’t plan on travelling to continental Europe before late summer, even that may be ambitious.

10 days Kauai/Maui end of June. A reschedule from last June. That will probably be it until later in year.

Like many others, we cancelled a couple of trips. We have nothing planned yet but are looking to do some traveling later in the summer and fall. As to where, negotiations between the wife and I are ongoing. But we are ready to get back to “normal”.

I wanted to take our previously planned for last May Kauai trip this May but the wife nixed that idea. Point blank she does not want to be on a plane with a mask on for more than 3 hours, tops. So that limits our destinations. So right now we have a 4 night trip planned to Clearwater Beach, FL. Berns is on the list for the final night. Hoping the mask restrictions will ease up at some point and I can get her on a longer flight.

Outer Banks NC in May. Will be 3 weeks after my wifes’ and my second shot.