2021 Pax Syrah Majik Vineyard

YES to 2005 Pax. A 750 of 2005 Christine last week was still going strong. Getting to be the end of the OP (Old Pax) era for me though, as all I have left are a Mag of 2002 Pangea and Mag of 2005 Majik.

Cheers! :wine_glass:



Frank - although I was already enamored with the early Pax wines, I recall your notes on the '05 Castelli Knight back in the day. Have had a number of them since, based on that. Blood and iron. Awesome. :wine_glass:


Steve! Great to hear from you. How’s Misuk?

Yeah that 2005 was a great wine, been a while since I had one. I used to also go nuts about the 2002 but the ABV on that now would not suit me. Loved that C-N label.


Fond memories as well. We were on Coffey Lane, never on Airway, but yes I do believe it was 2004.



We drank a mag of 05 Keltie this past harvest, still one of my favorites and still holding up well. I’ll reach out the next time we drink one since you are just around the corner.


I’m nearly 60. I get an allocation of 2 directional errors per day.:exploding_head: Glad to see you still doing your thing.

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