2021 Greer Offer

Ya had to pass on this release. After 200 it wasn’t worth it to me anymore. Maybe my mind will change once I pop a Greer in the future. But for now, too many lists and not enough money haha.


Yeah when the allocation was added to my account it was for 3 bottles which seems to be the standard amount being released this time around.

I’d definitely like to grab anything offered by Aaron himself so we shall see when the time comes around next year

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I passed, so a few more available for new folks. Price increases got me.

A few must have passed, the leftovers just hit the waitlist.


Ditto, just received the waiting list offer for 2021 vintage. 3 bottles $675. Glad I took the chance and didn’t go forward on “Special Offer”. That would have really cut into the funds for upcoming Jasud and Thomas offers.

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Those who have had past vintages - rank favorites 2016, 2018, 2019. A bit curious as I haven’t opened any of those yet.

I have had all three in the past year or so, and while its splitting hairs because they are all amazing, my vote would be for the 2016. The extra couple years of development in bottle puts it on top.

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Any idea when Greer will be shipping the 2021 wine order that was placed back in October? Thanks

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JoAnn told me she would be starring the week after Thanksgiving. joann@greerwine.com