2020 coudert clos de la Roilette Tardives

So Interesting. 10+ years ago this wine was too tight. Now it’s so open it’s a different wine. Smells like bubblegum. Tastes very fruity. Nothing like the versions from 5 years ago. But not overextracted like a 2018 overly dark Beaujolais.

It’s a very good wine. Easily 90+, depends on your experiences on the real score. Just totally different than the historical tannin bombs. A completely different wine except maybe the slightest hint of spice.

I bought 4 bottles of '20 a year ago and two of '21 just last week. Never opened anyone yet but a '20 normale, which was very good. Thinking about to get more of '21 Tardive.

Do you mean “2010”? I’m confused…

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Also confused. Oldest tardive I have had was 2014 and it was great. Love Griffe as well.

18s seemed “hot” to me but was happy with 19 and bought 6. What’s the berserker consensus on 20 and 21? Asking for a friend :sweat_smile: