2019 Patricia Green

Sort of a paging Jim Anderson here . . . got the club email, but haven’t seen a Spring newsletter. What’s the word on the 2019 wines being released this Spring?

I think it’s probably best to contact the winery. I know there is no 2020’s so there may be a run on 2019’s to “stock up” without a vintage to follow.

Already have my 2019’s resting at home. Give him a call.

As Wooderson might offer, patience, there’s a new fiesta in the making as we speak…

It’s almost spring, so there’s plenty of time for a newsletter. The 2019 PGC Futures were covered in the 2020 Spring Newsletter available on the PGC website. Also, check for the 2019 PGC Futures videos on youtube. There may or may not be a hot tub featured in the videos.

If looking for advice on the recent wine club offerings, as others have mentioned, give the fine folks at PGC a call.

Be well!

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Well, we bottled 30 Pinots in 2019. Due to the fact that there are basically no 2020 Pinots (there’s 1) we will have to hold back the release of a few an extra tick in the calendar to make it through to the release of the 2021s.



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Holy smokes. No labor market. Insane.

Well, it’s what it is. Every winery and/or business venture here in the northern Willamette Valley has some amount of figuring shit out to do over the next 12-24 months. We’re fortunate that between volume and number of wines we can keep things fresh for a long time. We can survive a one time event like this. Not two and certainly not back to back. 2021 needs to kick some ass.