2018 Rhys Hillside Offer

The offer came out today. Fortunately, no price increase. Who’s in?

Ordered 3 of each

Probably. I have a 2013 Alpine Hillside that I will open prior to the deadline.

I tasted a sensational '13 Horseshoe Hillside over the weekend. I’m in.

Bought two of each.

I purchased my allocation of three of each. Passed on the mag wish list. I hope I remain sentient and live long enough to drink these at their peak.

Bought my allocation of 3 each.

I had an allocation this morning (3x 750 each) but prevaricated and it is now only wishlist (which I just submitted). Guess I misread that email!

I bought 3 and 3. I’m 68. But my son loves Rhys and I figure it will go to good use no matter what.

From the offer:

In order to make this offering more equitable, customers will either be offered an allocation or the opportunity to wishlist these wines. This conservative approach will allow a one week ordering period and we expect many wishlist requests will be filled. Please make sure to order or wishlist some wines by Monday August 16th.

It sure sounds like your allocation should have held for a week? Have you previously gotten a Hillside allocation?

I am 68 also.
Took 3 and 3.
My younger daughter will definitely enjoy these!

This is my first Hillside allocation but I definitely saw the 3x this morning as I was doing lots of mental gymnastics to justify the investment!

What’s the going rate for the Hillsides? I only have the 2013s. Will have to try one soon.




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Tempted, but just too much Rhys in the cellar.

The $149 price includes shipping.

I popped and poured a 2014 Alpine Hillside last night for my wine group just to get a read on these. The scent was incredible with dark blue fruits, a touch of baking spice, black tea and minerals. It had good lift and a penetrating quality that jumped out of the glass. The palate had a good density of blue fruit flavor without being heavy. It was silky smooth with perfectly ripe tannins but still a bit tight and not revealing all that I think this wine has. Not yet as layered or complex as the scent. I’ll give this another three years before I try again and check on its evolution.

Hard pass for me and left a Six pack of both. Can’t justify the tariffs so I will nurse the various bottles from the last decade of purchasing.

Well, it is my grand niece’s birth year so I “had” to buy my allocation.

Well, it’s your grand niece’s birth year, so I have to buy my allocation. I will raise a toast to her! What’s her name? :wink:

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