2018 Realm save the date (Sept 1st)

No price info on the postcard.

I just got the email for my first Realm offer - yay! Does anyone know how much the wines cost or at least how much they cost last year?

From what I remember, release prices were:

Tempest $95
Bard $110
Falstaff $150
Moonracer $250
Absurd $450? (Not sure about this one - was never offered)

I’ve been buying since 2012, every year I try and pencil out the perfect purchase allocation. But, one thing holds true - you will never regret putting an extra Bard in your cart.

First time trying Bard was two weeks ago as I wanted to see if my 2017 purchase warranted this years allocation. Couldn’t believe how awesome it was. For me, it killed a similarly priced tignanello. Very different wines of course but can’t wait to add some 2018.


I’m drinking the 2017 Bard right now. The 2018 is going to blow this one away.

Very excited about this…

“The 2018 vintage is shaping up to be another classic. A consistent growing season led to leisurely picking during harvest. The resulting wines exhibit both richness and freshness. The vintage could be compared to a theoretical blend of 2012, 2014 and 2016 – with more freshness than 2012, more fleshiness than 2014 and more precision than 2016. The Tempest once again is full of bright red fruit. We are delighted to have Falstaff back in the lineup and this vintage marks the first time using Cabernet Franc from a vineyard we planted with our farming partner Giancarlo Bettinelli. The complexity of The Bard is unlike any other we’ve produced. Quite simply, this is our best rendition yet. Moonracer goes beyond hedonistic fruit to reveal a more serious and intellectual side. Production volume of The Absurd in 2017 is tiny – so small in fact that we may sadly disappoint some of you. But we felt it was nevertheless important to bottle this wine to prove that even in challenging vintages Napa Valley is capable of producing extraordinary wine. The Absurd will be back to normal volumes in our 2018 vintage so your patience will be rewarded.”

Joe, how’s the 2017? Ready or needs time?

I’d give it another year unless you have several. Or maybe a few hour decant which I did not do.

I had the 2017 last week, which was my first Realm experience. Decanted for 45 minutes, and thought it was ready and delicious. It did improved during drinking, so extra time in the decanter would help, but I would have no hesitation opening one now.

I purchased this bottle from a grocery store during a huge sale because of the talk on this board. I am considering joining the list/waitlist now, but trying to decide if I need to be on another list and spend more money on wine. The more expensive bottles are definitely out of my price range, but very interested in the “lower end” bottlings.

Any peer pressure coming to push me over the edge?!

I am surprised that a Realm wine can be picked up at a grocery store. Must be very upscale.

On the list for the first time and will probably buy some Bard as an experiment, but haven’t actually tasted Realm before. What’s the house style at Realm? Who are some comparable producers?

I got this email today … seems like a not so subtle message that the best way to get increased allocations (and also get access to the single vineyards and/or Absurd) is to max out your allocation and “wish list” further wines? That about right? I’ve purchased a few at auction and enjoyed them, so would like to be able to purchase them direct…

Dear Justin,

We are excited to share our 2018 vintage wines with you during the upcoming Fall Release very soon! We have reserved an enhanced allocation for you due to your participation in our Introductory Offering.

Our newest wines are released during two brief periods in the spring and fall. Given the limited production of each wine, we allocate bottles based on tenure, preferences, and purchase history. Allocations are guaranteed and you will receive preferred pricing on our wines only during the release period.

When the Fall Release opens on Tuesday, September 1, you will have the opportunity to access your allocation and choose which wines and quantities you would like. Your participation in this release will help us craft an allocation specific to your personal preferences in next year’s Fall Release.

An important feature during the release is the Wish Request function. This is the best way to signal desire for increased allocations and to accelerate your journey to new wines in future releases. We do our very best to fill as many requests as possible once the release has closed. Wishes that we are able to fulfill will be combined with your original order and any incremental tax and shipping will be added automatically. You will be notified of fulfilled wish requests via email with a revised receipt.

If you have any questions about the upcoming release or your guaranteed allocation, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. Eden, Ryan, Claire, Michael, and Bryan are standing by to assist you at 707-224-1910 or > team@realmcellars.com> .

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We look forward to sharing our wines with you for years to come.

It is my understanding that certain wines are offered based on prior purchases. For example, this is my third allocation. In the spring, I did not receive allocations for 2 of the wines offered, but a colleague of mine received for all of them (he has been on their list for several years I believe). I maxed out my allocation in the spring, so I am interested to see what I have “allocated” this time.

Anyone else excited? Let’s do this [highfive.gif]
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Scores released by JD today were pretty impressive. Looking forward to this release tomorrow.

Does Realm usually include reviews or scores on their website or emails when they release their wines?

Also curious as to this. How are the wines in terms of ripeness, etc? Just got on the list so thinking of buying a couple of bottles…

Ripe (but not over ripe IMO), dark, well made, fantastic purity of fruit, silky mouthfeel. For me, they are the kind of “hedonistic” wines that I want to own/drink.

Can you share any scores?