2018 Realm save the date (Sept 1st)

Just received the postcard for Sept 1st release:
2018 the tempest
2018 the bard
2018 falstaff
2018 moonracer
2017 the absurd

Definitely will take the bard and tempest, not sure about the others.

Is it usual for Realm to offer Moonracer in spring and fall? I bought the 2017 earlier this year, and see the 2018 is already available for this allocation.

I didn’t get my mailer yet, but no Levensohn? Their May email said it was to be released in this release.

I’m going to pass on the above, and hope that I get an allocation to Farella, Levensohn, and whatever they call the Kata/Bourne vineyard wine…

Hi everyone, first time posting but I’ve followed the dialogue for many years. I’ve always enjoyed the sense of community and the quest for knowledge that is found here.

In that spirit, thought I would chime in on the upcoming Realm release. With some new wines in the portfolio, we took a fresh look at the release schedule and decided to shift some wines around. We decided to hold back the Levensohn Vineyard for now. Kata/Bourn will be released in the spring alongside Beckstoffer To Kalon and Dr. Crane. We moved Moonracer up to the fall release where it will stay. As our first estate wine, Moonracer felt like a perfect counterpoint to The Bard - one attempts to showcase a sense of place from our own land, the other reflects a blend of Cabernet from all over the valley. The rest of the fall lineup remains the same. You should receive an email next Tuesday, Aug 25 with more details.

Feel free to contact me anytime. My email is sbecker@realmcellars.com. I know sometimes there are questions during the release about allocations, etc. I’ll try to check back here regularly to post updates but sometimes it’s easier to email me directly or call the winery. We aren’t perfect and we make mistakes…but we have a passionate team that is striving to do their best and over-deliver on your expectations. I’m excited to share the 2018 vintage because it’s certainly one of our best yet. Between harvest, covid, construction, the fall release, and now fires burning to our east…we’ve got our hands full and our heads down!

Hoping everyone is safe, healthy and drinking great wine!

Scott Becker
Realm Cellars

Looking forward to the bard and Falstaff. Both are favorites in their price ranges. Will be curious to see how big allocations are.

Can’t wait to get the 2018 Bard and will be trying the Moonracer, I feel like this is the perfect vintage to try some of these wines for the first time…

Thanks Scott for chiming in!
Hope you post here more often.
I love Realm, and especially the Bard and Tempest for the fall offerings (and Dr. Crane and Absurd for the spring offerings).
I also have really enjoyed the Ghost Dog I first tasted at the SF Practical Dreamer Tour stop.
Ordered a few 2016s afterward and looking forward to the spring offering.


Thanks Scott,

I enjoyed visiting you guys, and love all your wines!

Definitely in for some 18’ Bard, still some of the best value you can get for around $100.

Didn’t seen any reviews for the ‘18 Realm, but have to think they will be stellar! Will definitely buy. The ‘17 Absurd is a question mark for me though.

Scott, thanks for the post.

I’ve been a consumer of your wines for many years thanks to a good friend !!!

I got on list for '17 but had to go light. Will go big for the '18s. I love the Bard and Tempest. I know the Bard seems to be more hedonistic but I may prefer the Tempest and it’s been a little easier to find back vintages at decent prices. I do love the Richard II quote on the Bard bottle (This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England) as well as the art on the others.

Thanks for the insight before the release! Just curious, will pickup at M7 be an option for this release?

Thanks Scott

And Frank!

Frank - short answer is yes. Longer answer is we are working on ways to make shipping and pickup more user-friendly. Unfortunately we aren’t set up to allow members to pick up at the winery but we are looking at that for next year or beyond. Picking up at a warehouse in American Canyon isn’t quite the high-touch experience we aspire to deliver. Most fulfillment partners now charge for pickup anyway because there is still cost involved in packaging, preparing, etc. I also know shipping costs are an issue. We are exploring some innovative packaging and shipping solutions to reduce cost but still preserve quality and design. More to come on that in the future.

How much is their Farella going for?

Prices on the post card for this release?

I don’t receive Realm, no postcards here, just curious about Farella price?