2018 Hudelot-Noellat BR

12% alc (!) - in 2018
Dark ruby. A lovely nose of cranberries, ripe cherries and raspberry preserves. The palate is energetic, with excellent acidic balance, similar to 2017 vintage of this BR. Medium finish.
I had doubts when I tasted this wine for the first time about 1.5 years ago that it will ever evolve into a typically magical HN Bourgogne rouge, which, while not super complicated, gives you the drinking pleasure of at least a village level.
This is one of the best HN BRs of the past 5 vintages (I haven’t tried 2019 yet). I have regrets that I put the vintage as more important factor than my trusted producer. I am not sure how the higher-end wines in the HN line-up will perform as I haven’t tasted any of the premier crus yet. Will wait a few years before popping the cork. HN CM is usually best after at least 5 years and VR requires more time in the cellar for my taste.


Yep - there have been a couple of threads regarding how well the 2018 Bourgogne is showing.

I did actually try the VR Villages early this year just to check. It was angry with me for opening it.

In my experience, VR just takes a couple of years longer than CM to show best. But when it does, it is quite amazing.
Also, HN NSG Les Bas de Combes takes even longer (although my experience with this one is more limited).

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I will say that the 19’ was outstanding and one of the best BR I’ve had from 2019.

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I had basically the same experience! Last bottle from about 15mos ago had me questioning why I bought a case. Bottle from this weekend was so good I opened another one last night!