2017d'Angerville Meursault Santenots

This is sexy stuff right here. This wine has everything you want. High acid, high intensity fruit and most of all, balance. This was firing on all cyclinders. This blew away the 2019 PYCM Meursault but clearly two totally different styles here. My 1st 2017 and I’m glad there’s more where that came from. These won’t last more than a few years in my home, and I really can’t see how it can get any better. This is straightforward textbook Meursault. Yum yum!

Interesting; I’ve never had a white from him nor have I, I believe, ever been offered one. (Have a handful of the reds.) Glad it was such a treat!

The shop I was working in at the time had been allocated 6 bottles. No one wanted them. I think i paid $100 a bottle so I took a flier on them. Those and the 2017 Ducs were the only wines left over from the 2017 allocation.

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