2017 Rhys Aeris Rosso

2017 Rhys Aeris Rosso (Centennial Mtn. Vineyard)(14.5% alcohol)
The breakdown:
50% Nebbiolo
20% Nerello Mascalese
30% Nerello Cappuccio, Zinfandel, Primativo & Barbera
Quite an assemblage of grape varieties!

Medium red with touch of amber at the edge.
Rich nose of roses, strawberries and spice.
Fairly powerful, rich, ripe fruit with a long, slightly tannic finish.
The Nebbiolo component really comes through in the finish and aftertaste.
An absolutely lip-smackin’ wine!
Shows no heat at all.
Yummy now but with the good acid and tannins present, can definitely age a bit.
Can’t wait for the 2018, 100%, Nebbiolo release. (I’m a bit concerned about the possible tannin levels this may have)
Quite a nice wine! Recommended. [93 pts]


Glad you enjoyed it Paul. I have been opening the 17 Rosso and serving it quite often. We blended the 2018 Rosso to a similar profile. This will be a very important bottling for Aeris. The price is $49.

The first Nebbiolo designate (2018) will be bottled this summer. And I am super excited about the 2018 Nerello Mascalese from Centennial Mountain as well.

Stay safe everyone!

Looking forward to that 4 pound UPS package arriving this week. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick review Paul.

Thanks for the early note! The wine sounds delicious.

Saved a little from last night. (drank it yesterday)
Definitely did not improve.
Indicates (to me), that this should be an early drinker.
It is really nice NOW…


Popped this with pizza tonight and will finish it tomorrow.
Blend of north and south and very very drinkable if you do not mind youthful grape tannins.
Touch of cinnamon with roses. Palate is both flavorful and tannic. I’d definitely guess that this is Italian, but I could not decide from which region. Really interesting blend and for my palate very much a winner.

The same group of people responded to both threads with similar replies. This shelter in place affecting you in different ways than me.

Well I haven’t seen this yet in these parts at all, so I guess we are in the same boat.

Finished this tonight and unlike TTT I feel it is completely consistent with what I tasted yesterday. Again, if you are not a fan of tannins make sure you only drink this while eating. Of the Bianco and Rosso I am probably more in favor of the Rosso as it works better with my style of cooking and I look forward to the first offering.

Hi Markus,

In an earlier thread, see below, Rhys folks generously offered to mail out a sampler containing a bottle of the blanco and one of the rosso, if you emailed them. Of course, I don’t know how long that offer stands, but I just got mine. Many thanks to Kevin and the Rhys folks. I look forward to giving them a spin.

Re: New Rhys/Aeris release - Stunning Customer Appreciation

#20 Post by Kevin Harvey » Mon Mar 09, 2020 1:01 pm
Hello everyone,
If any Rhys and Aeris customers have not received this email and would like to sample these wines, please send an email to info@aeriswines.com. Local customers will be able to taste the wines at our pickup day (fingers crossed given the situation!!).
Apologies for any confusion!

Having homemade pepper, onion and sopressata pizza tonight, so thought I would pop this sample bottle to give it a whirl. Nice translucent garnet color. Very appealing nose of tar and wood smoke, plummy fruit and earth. Interesting palate with olives, smoky, tarry black fruit and roses - very Nebbiolo like, but a little lighter and less monolithic than Nebbiolo would be normally this young. Quite a bit of lip smacking acidity and light grainy tannins on the finish. Needs food at this point, but I think will lose some of its sharp edges as it ages. Quite a promising start for this project!

Thanks everyone for the great notes. Sounds like a few years in the cellar will be kind. I’ll let mine rest for a few more months and pull the corks since these were so graciously sent out by Kevin and team. I will post notes when I pull corks.