2017 Quilceda Creek - yay or nay?

Just got my offer and it is $145 for a 750 and $319 for a magnum.

Tasting note included but no point score from Dunnuck.

Anyone have any insight? Just pull the trigger?

If you like the style, it’s a good wine; I’ve fallen off the list in recent years. I do think the prop red is where the value is with QC. We drank the 100 pt 2005 a few years ago and it was certainly good if you’re oak tolerant.

One of the greatest value cabs in the U.S. and a very different style from Napa if you are looking for a bit of diversity. 2017 will not be as good of a vintage as 2015 and 2016, but Quilceda always delivers a high quality age-worthy wine. Just pull the trigger.

I received the offer and I have not bought in a decade. I have not tasted a recent vintage but I grew to hate the spoofy ones which were fawned over by a certain critic.

I still have a bunch of mixed 2007-2013 QC, maybe I’ll try some sometime.

i had a 2010 palengat a few weeks back, was pretty outstanding. oak & fruit well integrated.

I pulled the trigger and this was my first offer after about two years on the waitlist. It’s available at retail locally but when I compare the pre-release all in cost with my local wine shop the direct pricing is about $40/bottle cheaper ($160 vs $200). That’s even with a frequent shopper discount. I do really enjoy the wines, especially with 10+ years on them. But, the pre-release pricing makes it worth it for me.

I’m looking forward to the CVR. How much is it normally discounted?

It’s pretty cheap, it’s the best deal from QC, 30-40 a btl I think.

Does this come after the initial offer?

They’re at different times during the year. I think I’ve dropped off the list now, so not 100% sure when.

We had a 2014 CVR last week. Gave it a 5 hour decant and it was very good. While still young it was very enjoyable. A solid QPR compared to their other bottles.

I honestly like the Cvr more those their other cuvees, for my palate anyways.

Ok, picked up 6.

Any idea when I’ll get them?

What certain critic are you talking about that fawned over their ‘spoofy’ wines?

Nay. I have only been buying the CVR for several years now. The cab is well made, just not enough value there.

I ask because if you’re referring to Robert Parker, he stopped reviewing Quilceda circa 1993. And his typical scores were in the high 80s to low 90s. Certainly nothing fawning about that. And nothing that would lead someone into making ‘spoofy’ wines.

I think every QC we’ve opened, we opened 10 to 15 years too soon. At a 100 point tasting, it was totally panned and a quarter bottle was left over. The next day it was still dead. Pulled the cork to pour it out 5 days later and it had aroma. Poured a glass and got to taste the real 100 point wine. If you are going to buy, it has to be for the long haul, 15 to 20 years, maybe more.

At a tasting this fall 2016 Mayacamas, 2016 QC, 2016 Spottswoode and 2016 VHR were all tasted side by side. The QC was bottom of everyone’s list. The host relayed a similar story to Randy’s.


Let us know we’re you can find the CVR for 30-40 and I’ll back up the truck , I paid $60 from the winery.

Ok good I’m not the only one haha