2016 Produttori Del Barbaresco Riservas - GOAT

I’ve been waiting for this report all year. This just in, AG reviewed the 16’ PdB Riserva lineup and delivered highest scores to date. On top of that, there is 20% more production. I’m going deep this vintage, who’s in my camp? The only problem, where do I find room to store another few cases #winestorageproblemsarereal

I skipped buying any of the 15’s for these, going to end up with a few cases.

when will they be released?

Is anyone really surprised that Galloni delivered the highest scores to date? Every score he gives is higher than the last and it’s not helping the pricing.

So if they are better than the '15’s…should he lie and grade them lower? [scratch.gif]

I think February?

I haven’t tasted the 2016 Produttori Riservas, so no view on his scores there, but I dont think there is any embellishment in his reviews of recent vintages of Produttori, compared to other wines (point being, maybe you think all his scores are too high, but on a relative basis). The better riservas, especially the Rabaja in my view, are now among the top wines made in Piedmont. The 2014 Rabaja was/has been widely available for +/- $60 and is phenomenal so the pricing also remains low. With Vajra, Grasso pricing at $80-100 now, I dont see why the more coveted 2016 Produttori Riservas should be any cheaper than that. I hope they’re still $60 but if they are that is a gift.

It was more a commentary on the state of scoring in general. I don’t think that Galloni delivering the highest scores to date on PdB riservas is actually an indication of whether these are the best PdB riservas to date…as has been discussed on most other threads, it seems any solidly made wine receives a 93 from Antonio.

His producer overview on Produttori indicated that these were the best he had ever had.

Bummer, wish the scores came out AFTER these were released

Anyone wish to share the scores? Thanks!

Mostly 98s and 97s across the board.

I kinda figured this given how good the '16 normale is. If they saved the best barrels for the reservas then they have got to be stellar. Hopefully the mentioned increased production helps dampen a lot of price increases.

Any favorites, in general, among the Riservas or should I just throw a dart?

He did. Specifically, he noted, “Because of the very high quality of the year, the Produttori bottled about 20% more volume of the Riservas.”

Hopefully that helps with pricing.

These are undoubtedly great wines–and I will buy my favorite crus–but AG’s reviews emphasize their power and intensity, which are not my preferred characteristics for Barbaresco.

Galloni has them listed as $72

Slightly OT but has anyone tasted the 15s? Have seen hardly any notes on them.

I’d really appreciate it (and I imagine many others here would too) if there could be a dedicated thread where folks who sample shortly after release would post their tasting notes and any other thoughts they have on the wines.

His scores are beginning to mirror the national deficit.