2016 Pierre Peters Les Chetillons

Does anyone know when this will be released in the US & where it can be purchased?

Thaks Joel

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Containers will probably hit early mid to late November. Probably in retail beginning of December.

Allocations are getting tighter and tighter on it. I only got a mag of 15.

Whats the actual MSRP going for these days?

Hit K&L today, sold out within an hour - I think they only got 2 cases

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It was $189.99 at K&L , which is a $15 increase from their 2015 offer ($175). They had a 6 bottle max limit per customer which frankly was quite generous as I think they only had 12 bottles to begin with, so theoretically 2 customers could have cleaned them out.

Anyway, was glad to be able to snag a few before they were all gone.

Thanks, but already gone & no more available in US on winesearcher

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This was probably a KL gray market import and not the main release. I’ll check but I don’t think the main importer has received anything yet.

I see 2 listings on WS, Leon & Sons ans Astor Wines

Yep, already came into the NY market

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We’re having the 16 Chetillons and Montjolys at a dinner in a few weeks, can report back.


Don’t think so, just got mine from K&L and unless Skurnik is a gray market importer, this seems to be through the proper channels.

I was wrong, sorry. My Skurnik rep sold me some bad info.