2016 KELLER - first impressions

2016 Keller

“We have still 10 days ahead - 2016 goes in the direction of 2002. Cool, not too much alcohol, very pure, racy and quality. Botrytis very rare - a vintage for Kabinett and the dry ones. Like we love it.” KP Keller

“Wir haben noch 10 Tage vor uns – 2016 geht in Richtung 2002. Kühl, nicht zu viel Alk, sehr pur, Rasse und Klasse. Botrytis ganz rar – ein Jahr für Kabinette und die trockenen. Genauso, wie wir es uns wünschen.” KP Keller


Gin Gin

P.S. and the usual comments about Propaganda or hype, please keep it. Of course the truth lies in the glass.

Thanks Martin
Which Hubacker is best for drinking now? The 2004 or the 2015? I would prefer the latter anytime, because the Keller portfolio increases in quality each year.
Intersting about the 2016 comparison to 2002

If 2016 is like 2002, that would be nice!


as you know 2004 is a hard to beat vintage. But the stilistic of HUBACKER changed over the years, from a Barock driven Riesling to a pure mineral driven Riesling. So, it is quite likely that 2015 Hubacker will outperform 2004 Hubacker. Time will tell…

Based on the reviews of several journalists&blogger and wine-aficionados, 2015 Hubacker GG is thrilling.


Just heard that KP is harvesting Abtserde today! Photos of the fruit look magical: open, golden clusters with small berries.

In reply to Claus, the 2004 is definitely the wine to drink now. We had a double magnum of the 04 Kirchspiel in September which was brilliant, and still very vibrant and youthful.

For me, the Hubacker is the most exotic and brooding of Keller’s 15 GGs, and it will need a bit of time in the cellar to unwind. It’s a brilliant wine, as are all of KP’s 15s. In fact, I have never tasted a better set of young wines from any producer, anywhere.

2016 KELLER AbtsE is harvested Only Morstein still hang.

Martin, 2015 Hubacker is indeed thrilling. And sold out in a few hours [swearing.gif]

Don´t worry Claus, I have some 2015 Hubacker GG. [dance2.gif]

Great Martin . I have bought it, but too few, alas.

“Last grapes of MORSTEIN were picked.” Harvest 2016 is done. KP Keller
Julia Keller @ Kirchspiel