2016 Enfield 'antle vineyard'

Stopped by my local retailer to find Enfield winery founder John Lockwood pouring his current line up…I was able to try his pinot, cab, syrah, tempranillo and chard.
All were wonderful and produced in more of the AFWE (Alfert flavored wine elite) :wink: style…I have never seen this producer before so I was excited to try something new.
John’s fun, engaging and laid back style only added to the experience

The bottle that stood out for me was the Pinot. What intrigued me was that I would have never have pegged this as a Cali Pinot …never ever…
This seemed more in the way of that Oregon burgundian style, but dare I say…better?

The Chalone AVA sits around 1800 ft high overlooking Monterrey bay. The Antle vineyard is planted in chunky limestone and granite. I do not believe this wine see’s any new oak.

The wine showed well on the palate and the nose. I loved the gamy nose, stony mineral expression…that minerality carried through on the palate along with crunchy red fruits, dusty mushroom and earth.

I do not consider myself much of a fan of Cali pinot but I will be adding a couple bottles of this to my cellar immediately.

Looking forward to revisiting with this wine soon.

Glad you were able to taste John’s wines. I started back with his 2010 Syrah, and never stopped.

The Pinot comes from a site with limestone in the soil, which is rare in California. It has more tannin than I am used to in CA Pinot, which I really like. The 2014 (first vintage) was a revelation for me. I have the 2015, and the 2016 is on the way. Have not tried either yet. Soon.

I hear John is doing a whole cluster Merlot for the mailing list. Can’t wait to try that one.

Marc, bring one to the party tonight!

Glad you liked them too. I have a few, but have only opened one (besides the Enfield/Dirty & Rowdy blend). Here’s my note on that '14 Antle Pinot: “Unique and fantastic. Medium ruby colored, medium bodied. Beautiful balance; the acid and tannins tickle the tongue rather than searing it. Nice tart fruit leaning to the red side. Definite buy again, especially considering the price. A new favorite.”

Thanx David…the syrah is quite good also…cool climate style

Probably one of the top Cali pinots that I have ever tasted.