2015 Shafer HSS offer

Offer out at $310/bottle and $625/mag.

Increase of $15 from 2014.

I have been a regular buyer of HSS (I love the wine), but last year was the first year I only bought one bottle (typical 3 with a mag in various years).

This may be and probably is the year I stop buying. I have these going back to 2001, so tough decision, but as others have said in other topics, so many really good wines out there and much lower costs.

What are others doing?

I guess I can be talked into another purchase . . . [truce.gif]


I’m a buyer but this is my last six pack.

It’s great wine if you like the style. I got off the train with the 2010 release.


I was going to say that this is the price increase that pushed me off the list, but looking at my records I apparently didn’t order last year either. I do really enjoy the wine, so it’s not a trivial decision for me, but it is starting to feel a little above my comfort zone as an annual buy.


Did you get the email offer? I ask because Shafer says to stay on the list, you must buy at least one bottle.

Wonder if that one-bottle purchase rule is somewhat flexible.

Not that it would really affect my decision for this offering, but maybe.


I did get the email. I suppose it’s possible I bought last year, but it’s not in Cellartracker and I couldn’t find the order confirmation.

I got the offering and have never purchased off the list, but have visited the vineyard before.

i got the offer and have never bought only ever been on the list. i think there was a big drop last year. Seeing the price i am passing

The 2014 sold for $295 from the winery. If you have Wine Searcher Pro, do a search on the 2014 HSS. There are 4 pages of stores selling the wine around the country! Low price is $245, and there are 40 stores selling it below $290. I think this wine is over distributed as it appears to be very easy to procure it in the open market versus getting locked in to a mailing list. Now that Parker is not around to give it 105 points in ripe vintages like 2007, every vintage is going to have the same demand profile.

Has anyone ever tasted the HSS and the Odette Reserve Cabernet? Both are now at similar price levels, and the vineyards are separated by what, two miles at most?

Would be interested to hear anyone’s experiences, thanks…

I skipped buying from the list last year and still received an offer this year. This one is generally readily available at retail for less than list price. Plus never been fond of Shafer’s shipping costs. It’s my wife’s favorite so will continue to purchase via retail.

You mean $1

I only buy 3 HSSs every year.

As stated above, the wine is readily available at retail. Texas has seen recently HSS, One Point Five and Red Shoulder Ranch at price points well below release from the winery.

That’s actually a great comparison. IMO they have similar styles, more classic and muscular. Based on 2013 Shafer which I tried about 6 months prior to us having the 2013 Odette Reserve, the Odette was clearly the better wine. However, if 2015 is similar to 2002 (as some have said), the Shafer might be a totally different wine; a more feminine style? Btw, has anyone tried the 2015 Shafer, no notes on CT.

Not the HSS, but last Friday the 1.5 was a monster that would have benefited from a LONG decant.

$310 from the mailing list when it sells for substantially less in the seconady market? They have to know it’s too much! Léoville Las Cases 2016 for less as well, they need to know this, and they also need to know that as good as Hillside Select is, it’s not 2016 Las Cases!

You could buy the 2014 for $265.50 this month off the shelf at Hi Time.

The pro move for Shafer at this point would be to list the wine at $310 or whatever, but then offer a modest “deal” to their mailing list customers. Buy six, get 15% off and free shipping, or something like that. Now they’re paying $263 a bottle, getting in slightly under retail, but Shafer gets to list the official price as $310.