2015 Riesling question

Has anyone tried:
Peter Lauer Saar Riesling “Barrel X” 2015 ?

Not a lot of reports so far (only one CT note, for ex)

Yes. It is absolutely electric and simply fantastic, to say nothing of the value. Amazing precision and length for this level, drinkability off the charts. Business as usual, in other words.


Well, from my perspective, yes. Quite seriously. But then, I feel about Peter Lauer the way some people around here and elsewhere feel about Keller :slight_smile:

Haven’t had the '15. Every bottle of Barrel X I’ve had was delicious and a silly value. I’d buy the '15 with confidence.

The only Barrel X I’ve had was the 2012, which was soft and I thought really underperformed for the year. A second bottle confirmed my impressions of the first. Bad bottles or is it just me? All I know is I won’t be buyer of this cuvee again unless I taste first.

It’s his entry level bottling. This is a wine that costs like what $8 in Germany? Lauer is an excellent winemaker but this is not intended to be a highly complex ageworthy wine.

I understand that, but I’ve had other entry-level wines (Merkelbach Kinheimer Rosenberg Kabinett and Schloss Lieser QbA, to name two) that blew Barrel X out of the water, and they probably cost around the same.