2015 Maybach

Another happy camper right here!

Took my two, wish listed another and a maggy. Fingers crossed on the maggy.

Order in.

Seeing lots of buys on the Materium (no surprise), but is anyone picking up bottles of the Amoenus?

$195 vs. $165 and a lot more to go around, plus excellent reviews by both Jeb and Lisa.

Trying to figure out how much to buy.

I like their Pinot as well, so will be picking up some bottles of the Irmgard.

I chase points so I go for the highest scoring [snort.gif] I kid. I always get tempted but I like to max my Materium and that leaves little discretionary budget for the Amoenus. Would love someones notes on it.

I got some Amoneous. I have loved the prior vintages of that as well. Truth be told at $165 vs. $195, it doesn’t affect my buying too much. Its all crazy expensive.

Thanks Loren. That helps.

I’ve only had one prior vintage of Amoenus, so much less tasting history than with Materium.

Time to pull the trigger now on the order.

One of my biggest $$$ purchases, but such great wines.

Order in, decided to pass this time on the Amoenus.

Anyone in Seattle willing to share an allocation?

Took everything but the mag and single 375.

Good reviews from Lisa, but no 99/100 point scores. Surprising since she rated so many other Napa Cabs 100. For those that asked, 97+ for M and a 98 for A.

I truly love the cabs. I am cutting back on other high end cabs, but will continue to buy Maybach. I opened an 09 Amoneus last night and it was amazing, and drank very young.

I’m in the northern NY suburbs if anyone wants:

I shared with a friend.

Frankly, do you trust her reviews? I’m skeptical of most reviewers these days, but she’s toward the bottom of my list of reviewers to trust.

I buy Maybach because of the product they have consistently delivered over the years for my taste and somewhat for the overall vintage impression. The scores don’t matter much unless they were consistently poor. I’m buying for consumption only, so resell of these is not a concern.

Took 3 X 750 and a mag (All Materium)

Was buying regardless but definitely enjoyed Jebs review. AG also pegs 2015 as a killer vintage.


My wish list was granted ! Unfortunately, it will put a dent in my BerserkerDay budget …

Willing to share Materium at cost if anyone in the Bay Area wants some…will also ship at your risk.

received first offer and wish list granted for 1 bottle of Materium. 2015 birth year for daughter so hoping it is good…

Ordered 2 Materium

My shipping fees to Switzerland have been adjusted by 20 % percent to USD 800.-- unasked. Chris is a class act but everyone knew that already.