2015 Maybach

Save the date just hit. Seems like lower allocations. Anyone have tasting notes? Did Parker rate this yet (Not that this drives my decision making process, but just curious).


Parker didn’t cover California this year, but there are WA scores (high, as one would guess). Interestingly, Lisa liked the Amoenus better than the Materium in both 2015 and 2016.

Thanks. Remind me the pricing differential between them?

Last year the Materium was 185 and the Amoneus was 150. Not sure if that’s remaining the same or not.

Anybody passing please give me a shout

been purchasing every vintage since their first but i’m curious as well on Lisa’s WA scores for upcoming release…

Missed out on this email, damn!

I guess my quarterly drip emails to Chris didn’t work its intended magic.

Oh well, hopefully I can snag a couple on the secondary…

You didn’t miss anything yet. The offer doesn’t come out until next week.

Does anyone know off hand if Maybach holds allocations for any period of time, or do I need to try to find a way to login and purchase immediately when the release opens?

Their save the date note reads like you get an allocation, but there’s no “good until” noted, so unclear.

I signed up back in October but no email today. How many years is this wait list?

For reference I signed up in Feb 2015 and was offered an allocation in Jan 2017.

Not too bad, I suppose. Thanks,

“Bastards!” ~ Jay Hack


Just happy to grab 2 750ml and 1 split of Materium this go around

Order in


Order in. Slight price rise IIRC, but allocation on the Materium were down. A good thing I suppose as i spent more than I wanted to anyway. Probably my wifes favorite Cab though, so its all good.

2+2 750ml of the cabernets. I think that’s the fastest order I’ve ever submitted!