2015 KELLER - a vintage where everything fits together

"Just like 1971 – only with more acidity“

Papa Keller (his dream vintage since 40 years)

“There was rarely seen such a ripe vintage with such high acidity”

" For the estate Keller the acidity is around 10 for the GGs"

Julian Haart

2015 Keller MORSTEIN at 21th october

“More than racy the acidity”

KP Keller

It seems it is a vintage where everything fits together.

Martin Zwick

Thanks Martin. I have heard good things from Johannes Leitz as well.

If this ends up looking like a less freakish version of 2010 (kind of what it sounds like), with more balanced trocken wines, I’ll be buying heavily.

Looks like we’ll be trying a few Spatleses and Ausleses. Sounds like it’s gonna be an age-worthy year.

Sounds excellent. Looking forward to it.
Apart from Keller, is that true across others areas/producers?

Well thats absolutely exciting! Julian Haart, via Keller via an exceptional vintage. I am in!!!

Also the Mosel winemakers are truly enthusiastic about 2015. I saw photos from the grapes from the estates von Hövel, Max F. Richter, Julian Haart, Steinmetz etc. The tenor was “holy shit, what wonderful grapes.”

""Scheiße, was für ein geiles Material !!! "

Also Dirk Würtz/estate Balthasar Ress from the Rheingau region raved about the vintage.

“Ja. Verrückt. Wir ernten super reif, kerngesund und mit Säure. Ganz irre.”


Interesting, they were all very cautious at the end of September. it must have gone well since.

Eva Fricke also commented that acidity was good in September, despite the warm summer.

Miran Kegl used the EXACT quote!