2014 Opinionated About Dining Top 100 US Restaurants Now Online!

Hope you guys enjoy the list champagne.gif

Editors Note - At the request of various board members, I have edited this post to include a listing of the Top 20 restaurants. Please discuss amongst yourself.

  1. Saison San Francisco, CA
  2. Urasawa Beverly Hill,s CA
  3. e by Jose Andres Las Vegas, NV
  4. Willows Inn Lummi Island, WA
  5. Alinea Chicago, IL
  6. Masa New York, NY
  7. Manresa Los Gatos, CA
  8. French Laundry Yountville, CA
  9. minibar by Jose Andres Washington DC
  10. Per Se New York, NY
  11. McCrady’s Charleston, SC
  12. Atelier Crenn San Francisco, CA
  13. Saam at the Bazaar West Hollywood, CA
  14. Atera New York, NY
  15. Restaurant at Meadowood St. Helena, CA
  16. Aubergine Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA
  17. Stone Barns Pocantico Hills, NY
  18. Schwa Chicago, IL
  19. Kurumazushi New York, NY
  20. Elements Princeton, NJ



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It’s not a blog post. Do you see any blogging on that page?

Semantics. Blog = Website.

You posted a link to an article on your website. You want to advertise your website without posting any of its content here.

If you wanted to follow the spirit of the board’s rules, you would post a listing of the restaurants here and include the link to your website.

And the point of that is to save people the time of clicking through? Isn’t making them read the list before they click through more work for them? And since I can not include the cool graphics, photos of dishes and reviews here, aren’t people better off seeing that info before deciding how much time to spend on the site? Not that I have a problem with what you are asking me to do. But it does cut both ways. How about if other people request that I post the list, I will take the time to do it. Otherwise I am just going to leave it alone.

But I would like to thank you. Sometimes the pedantry and the pettiness of the Internet creates more free publicity than if people said nothing! Let’s see what happens in other replies.

Over the past 15 years you’ve elevated it to an art form. [wink.gif]

But that doesn’t change the fact that you used semantics to circumvent a board rule.

Steve, you should at least post the top 20. It’s a compelling list likely to spur discussion, and IMO the best list of its type out there. (And I say that not just because I have contributed to the reviews.)

I was so bored at McCradys in 2008. Maybe they’ve gotten better.

If that is your website, I would have preferred if you had mentioned that in your original post.

Let’s put down the pitchforks for a second…

Steve - I think it would be smart to edit your first post and include perhaps a list of the top 20, which is similar to the requirement for bloggers to put a significant portion of their blog entry in the post with the blog hyperlink. Then, presumably, we can talk about the list!


is this clickbait? how about you post the whole thing if you want me to read it.

Wow… E is #3? I didn’t think it was much different at all from Saam in Beverly Hills or Minibar. Not sure what really elevates one that much more than the other. That being said, I’m glad to see Saam getting some love, I think it’s the best overall restaurant in LA. Someone told me that Saam is being changed to a new concept though.

That was the one that shocked me the most as well. Can’t say I disagree with Nos. 1 and 2, though. Willows Inn and Masa are probably my next targeted destinations in the States.

I heard that Saam is closing though I have not heard that from the Jose Andres people. As to the difference between Minibar and e by Jose A, last year I had them combined into one entry but there was enough momentum on the ebyJose side to split them out this year. I haven’t been there (but I have been to minibar) so I can’t speak to how similar they are. Having said that, French Laundry and Per Se are almost identical food and nobody complains that Keller has two entries.

Clickbait? Actually if you are interested in the topic of dining at restaurants you will likely click, and you won’t if you don’t care. And I can tell you that if you don’t care about dining out enough to click, I don’t care if you click or not.

E is probably the one that has gotten the most discussion among my friends locally. (At least among the more highly thought of restaurants)

OAD folks really, REALLY like their Sushi.

I’ve been to many of these but not Masa and I really want to eat there. I may make a trip up this summer for dinner.

So I just did a quick count and the breakdown by cuisine is:

New American - 28
Progressive -28
Japanese - 27 (sushi 22)
French - 24
Italian - 16

Not sure why the Japanese restaurants stand out more than those serving other types of cuisine.

Right. Because we know that protein based cuisine like Japanese is so much more refined that starch/noodle based cuisine like Italian…
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Sorry, I couldn’t help it…

Levine you’re a troublemaker