2014 MacDonald Auction For Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter Branford Ct. Ends Jan 14th Midnight EST Currently $375 high bid !

Hi Folks this has been a great year overall but also a year of great personal loss yet many new friends to replace those lost a metamorphosis and as I prepare to move down South I cannot help but shed a tear for those who are in tough shape in my area. For as long as I can remember I have always donated to animal causes. But this year I gave until it hurt. There were two separate dogs in absolutely gorgeous town of Branford Ct that were badly abused. The first on named Hope was a scraggly dog that was withering away down to skin and bones and could barely even walk. Some monster had abandoned a beautiful healthy animal quite some time ago and the dog now was inches away from certain death. probably 24 hours away from the rainbow bridge. Then out of the hell this dog had endured an angel appeared and an average American lady pulled over when she saw this terror. She managed to get this creature into her car and went directly to Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter in Branford where they jumped into action and called an ambulance for emergency vet service. From then on the long road to recovery began. It brings tears to my eyes the love and support that INSTANTLY flooded in from all over. You could not turn on facebook without seeing her picture and asking for help. A local pizza joint whose owner was renowned for his generosity gave all of his proceeds from one days of sales.

As I am so thankful for my good fortune and my friends and family, time to step up bigger than ever and make it hurt a little …

For your consideration a beautiful bottle of 2014 MacDonald Cabernet. I will donate proceeds of the bottle to the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter when I am at my moms house in Guilford next town over. $275 reserve price

That’s very nice of you to do, Jonathan, cheers. champagne.gif

bidding here or PM? closes?

What time does the bidding close?

$275 here. Paddle #00001
I swore I would never buy this wine again from non-retail after being scammed by someone. But I had positive interaction with Jonathan previously (he was a buyer).

Great wine for a great cause. $350 bid

is this open/closed/happening?

I believe Jonathan is on suspension so he won’t be able to respond

really? Didnt know there was such a thing. Squires take over recently? newhere

Per Chuckles the Mod, he’s on suspension till end of year due to a kerfluffle in the Offline Planner subforum.

I’ve offlined with Jonathan once. Good guy. Don’t hesitate to bid IMO.

assuming this is still open I’ll go 375

Back to the MacDonald and my favorite animal saviors Dan Cosgrove Shelter. I will keep the auction open until Tuesday Jan 14th 12:00 PM EST, as I get back from vacation in Aruba a few days prior and can then confirm winning bid

I am quite happy to see that we are currently well above release price, for an outstanding wine and a great cause. I do hope we go a little higher as every penny helps out the great follks who never refuse any animal in trouble, and worry about funds later. Our community ALWAYS steps up and collects even more money than required but the needs are endless. Current high bid is $375. Would anyone like to make it an even $400 ?? Still way below secondary ! Bid fast and bid often. A big warm Thank You to all who have stepped up and whoever may be about to !! [cheers.gif] Jonathan

Thank you for your vote of confidence. Anyone who does not know me you will see I am very active in offline arranging and and traveling for special ones. The LA event I attended was incredible. and tough to recreate back East !

Also tons of positive ratings on cc feedback. Wine will be held till warmer weather unless winner decides to take risk. Good Luck all !