2014 Bordeaux Vintage

But without the nice fruit core and layerdness of the ‘82, ‘89 (or even ‘83). That’s why I think that they will peak a bit earlier. Structure wise the 2014s can certainly age for a long time.

Rising alcohol levels being what they are, any thoughts as to what recent vintages might resemble 82 and 89? Which recent vintage do you think will have the finer maturity curve and longer plateau at peak? I’m betting 2016.

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82 was a one-off which I can’t see being repeated ever. Not all the wines were good (eg: Margaux in general) but those that were (or still are) had a perfect combination of soft fruit, gentle but firm enough tannins and just overall balance, with what seem today like low ABVs. I can’t see 82 being repeated partly because I think it was a happy accident, a bit like 1945. 82 was before Parker, before wine consultants, before microscopic plot selection - in fact in many cases, before any kind of selection at all - which also explains why many châteaux have improved since. It just “happened”. It was so different at release that many misjudged its longevity. People have been trying to recreate 1982 ever since - and their trying too hard resulted in all those horrible fruit bombs.

I always preferred 1990 to 1989 - my bet would be that 2015 will resemble 1989 while 2016 will be like a better 1990.

That’s so difficult to say. I have a lot of confidence in the 2016s too as there isn’t any excess at all. But I think it is more important to avoid the wines with excess in any category in general: Excess in alcohol, too much wood, too much extraction are a disaster for longevity: so many right banks are drying out early or flat out oxidize prematurely. In a recent 10 vintages vertical of Beausejour Duffau Lagarosse 05/09/10/11/14/15/16/18/19/20, more than 50% of the wines were drying out or were dead - a scandal (incl. the 2016!). But also on the left bank: Two recent bottles of Cos d’Estournel 2018 from independent sources and good cellars had strong signs of oxidation.

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From my admittedly limited sampling I feel like 2010 harkens back to 1989, and 2014 has some hints of 1988.

These are still good times for Bordeaux, nearly everything in the last couple of decades has been at least ‘solid’. Perhaps ex 2013.

agreed, Andy. You are speaking my language. And that is exactly why I buy neither of those two Chateau. Even over many of the recent comments that some of these over-the-top estates are swinging the pendulum back to traditional production, I am not buying it until I try it. And I likely won’t try it because I won’t buy it. I like to stick my money on the more consistent producers.

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Pulled a cork out in the interests of science.
From a 375 bought EP. light colour of a pure garnet red.
On opening a pure cherry and red fruit nose, maybe a hint of cedar. Over a couple of hours it deepened slightly to include some plum notes.
In the mouth very gentle tannins, just enough acidity, clean cherry fruit. Fully ready to go, it will keep medium term, but I am going to bash through these with gusto. ****.

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Popped and poured. Another moderate 2014, cedar and blackcurrant with some minerals. 90-91, still not worrying about the bigger names.

And it’s STILL going strong - had one of my last two bottles last night, to enjoy during the NFL Draft. It’s beautiful, and interesting, and was peaking after 3 hours. Love the value on these.

Purchased recently for about £29, this is in a very good place, plenty of mineral/cedar/pencil notes reasonable amount of stuffing, could easily be left for 5 years but good now.**** or 92 ish.

I think there is a level at which 2014s start to work, below grand bourgeois its a bit hit and miss, but at this level and from the northern Médoc appellations this is singing.

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Had the 86 LLC this past year. Completely agree.

I was thinking 1979, but you could be right. I have not had any 2014s in a few years so I don’t know what is happening to them.

My comparison is that they both seem to me to be medium weight wines. I found that a lot of 1979s had a really nice balance of fruit, acidity, etc. Not wow wines, but really solid with good complexity as they aged and just were really balanced.

Had a 2014 Kirwan last night at a restaurant. Really lovely stuff. Florals and earth and crunch red berries predominate. Darker fruits add some depth. Chalky tannins. I’d say 2-3 to hit optimal drinking but really good right now. (92 pts.)


Someone may have recommended this wine as some pretty good qpr :wink:

I saw your note on CT! I drank with confidence!

Bought a few back then, but haven’t tried one. Glad to see it’s delivering!