2013 Rombauer Diamond Select Cabernet

Rombauer 2013 Diamond Select Cabernet Sauvignon
Appellation: Napa Valley
Price: $80
Aromas: Charred Blackberry & Pomegranate
Palate: Black Cherry Pie & Dark Mint Chocolate
Notes: Special Occasion Cab from a great producer. Long, never ending finish. Good through 2030, but very approachable now.
Rating: 92


What are is everyone’s thoughts on Rombauer??



Hi Nick. Looks like you’re fairly new to the Board, and so you may be confused by the first couple replies to your post. Those guys are predicting a negative response…Rombauer is widely regarded here as a poster child for overoaked, overextracted wines. Their flagship wine is the Carneros Chardonnay, which I’ve had. And frankly, I find it to be way overoaked, masking anything interesting that you might otherwise find from the wine. Rombauer does sort of put off a vibe of mass produced successful brand that wine geeks like to be snarky about. Which is fine. Having said that, I’ve never had anything from Rombauer other than the Chard, so hope that the wine you’re talking about has something more going on. Certainly sounds like you like it which is great. There are many times that I’ve been surprised where house style doesn’t always carry over to every wine, and even if it does, the wine world is a large place and I’m glad people have other tastes than me…it would be boring any other way. In any event, thanks for posting…I love seeing new people posting notes.

Thanks Sean, I had have their Chard as well and couldn’t agree more on the overoaked masking. While the Diamond Select did have plenty of Oak it didn’t overpower the other notes.

Nice to have a new person posting TNs. One question: why the Instagram insert?

Thanks for posting. I don’t recall ever tasting the Cab. And around here, I think many would refer to their Chard as cougar juice.

It has been years but I had a friend who would always bring their Zin. It was big and oaky … but at times, pretty darn tasty. But not a style I would purchase.


That is where I posted the original review(including picture) and if anyone was interested in seeing any of my other TNs. Recently found out about Wine Berserkers so plan on posting more TNs going forward.

You can always post into this thread https://www.wineberserkers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=55&start=2850 if you wish to share more of your story.


Welcome, Nick!

I have not had this wine, but have had their chardonnay.

Did you get any impression of overt sweetness or residual sugar from the cab you tasted?

I’m curious if that’s a recurring house style.

Again, welcome aboard!

Anton, good to be aboard! There was some RS, but nothing too crazy. The black cherry gave off more tartness than sweet flavors but it was still there.

Nick, were you by any chance sent this wine as a free sample to review on your Instagram blog?

I have had and enjoyed their Zin. I think it’s Howell Mtn. fruit.

Rombauer Chard a/k/a “Cougar Juice”

Had a glass of a Rombauer SB at a friend’s house earlier this summer and spent the next day wishing I hadn’t.

Full disclosure, haven’t had the cab you mention but had another I unrememberable Cab last year at the same friends house and thought it was quite pleasant.

I have been using Ram cougar juice to get the grannies juiced up for years. The best part, you can find it everywhere!


I’m sure your mother is proud of you.

She is proud…And I added her to the Ram mailing list!! Let the CJ flow.