2013 F. Rinaldi Barolo Cannubi Riserva

I’ve been a longtime fan of Francesco Rinaldi Barolo. So in 2013 they made a “Riserva”, first time ever. Has anyone tried this yet? I hear it doesn’t hit the US shore until the Fall. The 2013 normale Cannubi was reviewed fairly well however I cannot find a single note about this riserva.

It was bottled from a single Botti, so just over 3500 bottles produced. Paola Rinaldi let it rest one more in barrel compared to her regular Cannubi from the same vintage, and it’s the first Riserva bottling in modern times. It’s a great, great wine. I tasted it twice six weeks ago and scored both bottles 97 points. It should be on the boat towards the US by now or within shortly. Allocations were done more than a year ago, and sold instantly.

Thanks Jorgen. I’m excited to try it and was able to find a US retailer who has a few on pre-arrival @ $120 a pop. I was bummed to find out that no wood boxes were available, only cardboard. Just curious, what was the release price?

Cannot remember exactly but ca EUR 45 ex cellar towards importers.

Tasted two days ago at ProWein in Dusseldorf, already very good > excellent, with obvious potential for improvement.

This comes from vines at the top of the vineyard, saw 6 months more in cask, as well as 6 more in bottle prior to release.

Having fallen in love with all of their 2015s, I left 15 minutes ago with a nice supply of Classico, Brunate, Cannubi and 2013 Riserva. Which is to say if you’re visiting anytime soon, you may be able to pick up a bottle – 55€ at the cantina.

Tasted lots and lots of wines since arriving in Italy on 7 febb, but this is one of just a handful of farms where i purchased the full lineup of new releases. If you know these wines, go deep; classic beauties, as usual.

Thanks Tim, I’ve already purchased three, but I think I’ll be doubling that order now. Bummer there is such a mark-up in the US and they no not offer OWC. Btw, do you know their farming technique (biodyn, organic, etc)?

Tim, and how’s the normal Cannubi 2013?

@John, good question, I have just sent Paola an email and I will post the reply.

@Gilberto, borderline emotional, and flat out exciting. All that is special in this Cru.

Paola just replied, busy bee even at 21.09 hours

"Ciao Tim,

thank you for comming to us ! No we follow a “ agricoltura ripensata” but we have no bio certification.



I am just on my way back from Francesco Rinaldi winery wine tasting: the Cannubi 2013 Riserva is great. Maybe one of the producer’s best. Also liked Brunate 2015 and Cannubi 2015. All are Best value. The 13 Riserva is on top.

What is the difference in character between the cannubi and Brunate? Think of getting some of each for 2015.

In general or regarding Francesco Rinaldi Barolo ?

Specifically to this producer, as I was deciding between the two 2015s, but even a general explanation would be helpful.

Cannubi: The taste is dry, moderately tannic, full-bodied, delicate, complexed and robust. Long after-taste.

Brunate: The taste is dry, tannic, full-bodied, especially somber and powerful, multi-level complexed, harmonious, mentol, mineralic. Long after-taste.

Anyway, do not hesitate to try the great all-time new Francesco Rinaldi Cannubi riserva :yum:

Thanks Ofer. I was able to get some of the '13 Cannubi Riserva already. Sounds like the Cannubi will drink a few years earlier than the Brunate, which is consistent with notes I’ve seen online.


Morrell offered it several months ago, about $115.

I agree - Francesco Rinaldi Cannubi riserva 2013 is a great great wine :yum:

I reached out to the winery to confirm a few details about the 2013 F. Rinaldi Barolo Riserva-

We made 1300 bottles of Riserva 2013.

Yes it was the first year we produced it.

We will make 2015 and 2016 riserva.

The grapes of the Riserva are a selection of the top of our Cannubi Boschis vineyard and ages 42 months in wood.

Kind regards

Piera Rinaldi

Francesco Rinaldi & Figli s.a.s.
via U. Sacco 4 - 12051 Alba
tel. 0173/440484 fax. 0173/449378

Need to taste this!