2013 Chidaines- How are they? (TN Added)

I just bought a couple of the Clos du Breuil’s, and given there are no notes yet in CT, is this very Sec like or more demi? I know it can really vary with this producer from year to year. Thanks for any thoughts if you have tasted this wine or any other Chidaine’s in 2013.

I haven’t tried any of his 2013 whites (yet), but I was very happy with his 2013 Touraine red, especially sub-$15:

  • 2013 François Chidaine Touraine Rouge - France, Loire Valley, Touraine (1/28/2015)
    P&p. Smells like fresh red fruit (especially strawberry), hibiscus/flowers, some radishy-peppery spice, and light clean earth. Super juicy, tart, and refreshing - strawberry, cranberry, hibiscus, with spicy, herbaceous, and earthy accents. Totally dry, and then even drier in the finish, with pronounced stony minerality developing, joining subtle but persistent almost alpine or vermouth-like herbaceous notes. I love it!

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It’s been so long since we talked about vintage conditions in Montlouis or Vouvray in 2013 and the resultant wines. I haven’t had a 2013 Chidaine either, but would love for this thread not to drift off the first page. I’ve been hoping for another 2010 in these areas so I can go really long, like I wish that I had done with the 2010’s.

2013 is not your repeat of 2010 from what I’ve read. Vouvray and Montlouis had devastating hail early in the season. There are threads discussing vintage conditions in the region elsewhere on this board where Chris Kissack weighed in and was quite helpful. From reading here and elsewhere I see reports of a mixed vintage outside of the hail-affected regions, decent but not a blockbuster. Reports seem to suggest that Muscadet was quite good but I haven’t had any as I’m still working on mostly '12s and some older vintages.

Early reports suggest '14 was much better, potentially excellent in most places. I seem to recall a year or more ago suggestions that the hail in 2013 would have detrimental effects on quality and particularly quantity lasting into future vintages but I’ve no idea if that is true.

I too would love to see a great across-the-board Loire vintage, so I’m pulling for 2015. Better yet, let’s string a few together.

Yes, I remember that 2013 had a hail problem and hoping for a “2010” is more for the future than either 2013 or 2014. Would love to have a few good to great years in a row!

This thread prompted me to read the 2014 vintage report posted on Jancis’s site. It was a pretty good read and implied that Chenins in the region are good with fewer stickies. Overall tone seems to be that 2014 is about as good as one gets weather-wise in the Loire, so I am hopeful.

Thanks for the feedback so far, maybe I’ll crack one open soon and just find out for myself.

  • 2013 François Chidaine Montlouis-sur-Loire Clos du Breuil - France, Loire Valley, Touraine, Montlouis-sur-Loire (4/19/2015)
    Those that crave enamel ripping acidity should find the Sec moniker well earned on this guy. The acidity is immediate and impactful, tenacious, and almost astringent but it softens just a tad as it progresses through the mouth to make the experience enjoyably. Do not think of drinking this without food, trust me on this. Good volume and weight on the back half show case soil and minerals, and clearly peg this as Chenin vs of that say Sav Blanc. I’m going to hold my last bottle, not two mention score a few more as this should drink very well for a decade plus. (91 pts.)

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To broaden the conversation bout 2013 Vouvray/Montlouis, here’s my recent Huet note:


Interesting. I haven’t bought much since 2010, as Greg hasn’t seemed to offer much of it. I still have a good amount of 08-10, which are drinking excellent and I think I’ll get into a few here this month to see how they are showing, especially the 10 Breuil.

Based on what Dale has said about the 13 Breuil, that has my attention. I love acidity so sounds like it’s a fun wine if I see some offered.