2013 Beta Wines, Vare, Cab, Oak Knoll, Napa

These wines just arrived and in the interest being an informed buyer for next year I decided to pop one.
Tried the '13 Vare over two nights, no decanting. Pretty much open for business, might have been a tad better on day two.
Fantastic wine. Great aromas and a lively refreshing palate. Aromas definitely have some herbal elements and green elements, but also some great currant flavors. Color is, dare I say, claret. This is so drinkable that I’m going to have to try the Montecillo soon and I fear I might be tempted to drink them up this winter.
This is indeed a classically proportioned Cab from Napa. Way too many Cabs are put in this category, this wine is one of those rare finds that deserves to be there. Why didn’t I jump on these last year?

Great to hear. Will try one sooner rather than later.

I’m thinking of bringing the 2013 Vare or Montecillo to a dinner tonight. Thoughts on decanting?

Brian, I didn’t decant but given how well it survived into day two I’d say that you can’t go wrong with a decant. A couple of hours might be ideal.

Brian what were your thoughts?

Ketan had advised me that the Montecillo will be open for 30 minutes or so and then shut down. He was absolutely right on the 30 minutes part but I did not get to see if it shut down after because between 6 people the bottle disappeared quickly.