2012 Virage Napa Valley. Quick notes

Just a delightful wine. One of those that just lights up your brain on the first sip. Great balance. Tannins outlasted the fruit over a couple of hours, so its probably perfect now.

Just a great wine in the subtle classic right bank Bordeaux style.

If you forced me, to score it, 94 points. Glad i have a few more bottles.


Thanks for the note Anthony…I have 6-bottles of the 2010 Virage on the way to me from WineSpies. I hope that wine performs the same way as the 2012 you had…

All Virage is terrific.

And everyone loves @Emily_Richer


I have four bottles of the 2010, but haven’t drank one in a while. For better or worse, I go with the Cellar Tracker drinking windows and it said the 2012 was more primed to drink (and was right).

I’ll certainly crack another 2010 eventually (and post some notes) but I have some rose, bourriquot, and 2012s to drink through first.