2012 Peay SC Chardonnay vs. 2012 Au Bon Climat Santa Barbara Cty Chardonnay

  • 2012 Peay Vineyards Chardonnay Sonoma Coast - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast (5/9/2014)
    Sort of a maturing gold color and open nose of vanila and citrus aromas. This is sort like drinking a $70 Kistler Chardonnay for $42. Highly concentrated and I mean packed with lip smacking citrus, orchard fruit and a sense of minerality. Not as much acid as I’d prefer but enough to keep this fresh and very identifiably, CA Chardonnay. I had just finished a glass of Roederer Mendicino Brut just prior to my first sip of the Peay and it came off a tad oaky at first compared to the likely almost unoaked Roederer Brut. After about 10 minutes of sipping I no longer noticed the oak in any measurable way. All in all, worth it but, I was hoping for a wine that is a little more light on it’s feet from Peay and the Sonoma coast. 13.4% Alc was good. For my palate and wallet I’m going back for the more sevelte, more complex $23 2012 Au Bon Climat Santa Barbara County Chardonnay I had earlier this week. (92 pts.#
  • 2012 Au Bon Climat Chardonnay Santa Barbara County - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Barbara County #5/7/2014#
    After about a year on Rochioli’s SV list I reallized I liked the chards more than the vaulted Rochioli SV PNs. Then I reallized that as much as I liked the SV Chards they were almost as overpriced as the PNs so I dropped off the list completely after waiting six years to make it. NO regrets. Rochioli makes some nice wines. Nice $40 wines that sell for $70 plus. Anyway, this Chard very much reminds me of a Rochioli SV Chard except, I only paid $22 for it. This is CA Chardonnay not white Burgundy but, it has terrific balance, focus,complexity and verb. 13.5% Alc, fascinating tropical fruit combined with refined citrus flavors makes this very satisfying. Nothing flabby or overtly oaky about this. #93 pts.)

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Craig, if you post that SBC AVA wine TN in the virtual tasting thread Jane will donate $10 to charity.

OK. Happened to be at the DABC In Park City getting Mother’s Day champagne and thought I’d take a gander at chards to see if it was there. YES !

We’ll have it tonight.

Craig, you’re dead right. This is a very fine wine.

We had a guest from France tonight (Beaune) and, even though she usually drinks rouge, she was enamored with the ABC.

Good call. Thanks.

Craig, It would never had occurred to me to compare a Peay SC to Kistler. I think, in general, they are much lighter and elegant. I think if you were to open one in a year or so, you’d find a much different wine. I opened on last weekend and below is my note. It needs more time or, at least, a good bit of air.

5/4/2014 - I WROTE: 91 points (Edit)
Either wait another year to open this or give it a good amount of air. This had some Chablis characteristics such as minerals, wet stones, stone fruit. Not saying it tastes like Chablis, just that there are some comparisons. I need to try to remember to lay off of these for a while. Light on the palate, floral notes on the nose, and the aforementioned Chablis-like notes.

Mark, pickup the Au Bob Climat and give it a try soon.

I will. I looked on winesearcher for Minnesota and F44 is the only one that carries it according to WS. Did you get it at South Lyndale?

Yes, they have the PN too last time I was there. And, if they can get it, a retailer closer to you likely could too from thier wholesaler.