2012 IPNC "A Walk Through Burgundy" - GrapeRadio

Maybe I’m a late-comer to this party, but GrapeRadio just posted the seminar “A Walk Through Burgundy” given by Allen Meadows and a panel of French folks. I thought is was very entertaining and informative as a relative newcomer to the world of Burgs. AM seems to know exactly when the audience may be missing a piece of the puzzle and did a great job of filling in where the panel may have assumed a higher level of knowledge. My only gripe is that each panelist had a lot of redundant descriptions of their “minimalist/organic/hands-off/site-driven/etc.” approach to winemaking.

I’d love to catch an Allen Meadows seminar sometime, what do you guys think? Was anyone there? Kinda makes me want to hit up
Envoyer for everything they’ve got! [cheers.gif]


I take that as a yes, I was late to this party.

Ive always found Meadows to be amazing. Glad you did too. Here’s a different take on the panelists. When they’re invited, you get their wines too. :wink:

Dusty, I missed it the first time around and listened to it last night - thanks for flagging this for me! [cheers.gif]

It was a great seminar, particularly with the opportunity to taste the wines in question. In addition to Meadows, some of the producers were compelling in their own right.

The context was even more amazing: shortly before the Seminar (about 350 people), Meadows was called upon to be a last minute Emergency Keynote Speaker for IPNC (about 800 people) and did a superb job, then the Seminar where he was Moderator/Speaker/Translator. Amazing energy and knowledge.

Look at the Grape Radio archives. There are a number of other Allen Meadows seminars in there.

Also, look at Scott Paul Wright’s interviews of Allen http://www.scottpaul.com/category/podcasts

Missed this one…Thanks for sharing the link!