2012 Chateau Des Tours - VDP Vaucluse

Anyone tried this recently? I have never had this bottling from Chateau Des Tours so wanted to get thoughts on it. Thanks

Yes, I had it last September in France.
It is a wine performing much above it´s classification, better than many Cotes-du-Rhone and even Vacqueyras/Rasteau/Gigondas …

Made from app 50% Grenache, with the rest Cinsault , Counoise, Syrah and a bit Merlot (you never know exactly),
concentrated dark cherry fruit with a bit rose hips and provancial spices, a hint of gingerbread, sweet, lush, but with good underlying structure … easy for the next 10+ years (I had the 2006 recently which is almost mature) …

It is not terribly complex (for that you´ve got to search for the Vacqueyras), but an excellent mouthful of Southern Rhone … and not a bad introduction into the Rayas-style … although much simpler …

Now it depends on the price … (no idea how much for you …) - but it´s definitely more than an everyday-wine … it´s better …

BTW: It´s the latest released vintage (although the 2013 might come out soon in spring - certainly not better …)

I had this in December IRRC. It is very good, but at this point the '11 is drinking much better. The '12 will take time to come around. As someone who finds these days that S. Rhone Grenache is, more often than not, produced in a too-ripe, overextracted style resulting in bitter, medicinal wines, this is a clear exception. The '12 is riper than the '11, but retains freshness. It is very nice.

I agree with Gerhard that the red Chateau des Tours VdP punches above its weight class. For the extra money, though, I much prefer the CdR. The white, by the way, is a different matter. The VdP is a very distinctive wine and as much worth having as the white CdR. The domaine, by the way, recommends opening any of its wines twenty-four hours in advance. With the 12, if you do that, it will shut down now. I’d give it a couple of hours of airing.

I had it last November in Avignon at l’Essentiel. It was delicious. As noted above, it definitely punches above its weight class but also pales in comparison to the CdR. I would definitely buy some if given the opportunity though.

Certainly no doubt that the Cotes-du-Rhone is superior - and the Vacqueyras better still … but the question was for the VdP …
I would not buy either-or … I would buy BOTH … (in fact I have … and the V. 2012 is not yet released)
(but also a question of availability … and price)

They are both good wines and I agree, if you can, buy both!

The vintages will roll over in March, I believe. That will make the Vacqueyras the 10 and the CdR the 13, I think. The wines release late and last a while.

Off topic, but is the 2010 Rayas being released this year?

Hard to know (entirely up to Emmanuel), but as the 2009 was - at last - released last year, one should think that the 2010 was due next.
But when?


Hmm, I think I took delivery of my 2009 Rayas in the summer of 2014.

Is that so?
It wasn’t released it until last year for sale at the Domaine, and it was not shipped to the Danish importer until last month…

Summer 2014 seems unprobable to me … the R.2009 has been released only in early spring last year off-domaine … so the 2010 should be following this year.

I think Emmanuel tried to get on par with his “des Tour” releases - and slowed the Rayas releases since (at least) vintage 2001 … for instance the 1995 R. was available in summer 1997 (bottled already by Emmanuel) … and now Rayas and des Tours-Vacqueyras 2010 is due for 2017 …

Chateau des Tours is my house wine ; I consume at home approx 3 cases a year at least , a lot during the summer with bbq . Currently 2012 , I think .
This is delicious grenache , a bit sweet but I love that . Not too heavy like a lot of CNP’s today . The poor man’s Rayas . Costs around 12 Euro’s here .

I just checked my records and I definitely took delivery in summer of 2014… weird. I have no reason to believe these are fake either.

So, I have a question about this wine actually. All the bottles of this wine I’ve bought have a small neck label saying “Reserve” and even when listed without mentioning this designation I have received the “Reserve,” yet, for all of that, CT shows plenty of entries for both. Are there two separate wines? Are both imported?

I agree with Herwig that Chateau des Tours offers excellent value, but I also echo his warning about tolerating some sweetness. I think the Cotes du Rhone bottling provides a nice alternative to chunky and clunky CdRs – red fruited, airy texture. But sometimes the strawberry/bug spray/almond paste notes can be unnerving … I couldn’t really enjoy more than a glass of a recent 2012 CdR.

I am sorry to be a bit difficult here, but there is no Vaucluse from Chateau des Tours. Chateau des Tours makes regularely three wines from own vineyards: Cotes du Rhone white and red and a red Vacqueyras.

Then, at the Chateau des Tours, there is vinified three wines under two separate labels from bought fruit. There is a white and red Vaucluse, labelled with the brand name Domaine des Tours and there is a VdT rose, labelled with the brand name Parisy.

Well, lucky guy … [cheers.gif]

All bottles are “Reserve” - there is no difference … all the same …
(the same at Rayas - everything is “Reserve” …)

Right, the VdPays Vaucluse is actually “Domaine des Tours” - but it´s the same producer/same cellar door …
NOT from purchased fruit, just vineyards outside any appellation … (and I think it is legally necessary to call it differently …)
Yes, Parisy is the Rosé … but it´s not very interesting …

Thank you Gerhard. I had wondered about that. If that is indeed the case, Cellartracker should merge them all into one listing. As it is they are the same wine divided into two sets of notes for each vintage.