2011 Smackdown: Rhys Beats Up Peay

I was doing some inventory this morning and came across my 2011 pinots - just 2 left: Rhys and Peay. I lovingly remember drinking these and smiled as I closed the box to put them away for a few more years. As I was lifting the box I hear a tiny ‘clink’, nothing out of the ordinary. Then I notice some red liquid dripping from the box. Panic sets in as a beautiful aroma fills the air. I open the box and find that Rhys has beat up Peay, a clean slice to the bottom of the bottle. My first thought was how to salvage that juice…Pinot at 8am anyone? It’s to late as the box is soaked and the rest spilled on the table (I had though of licking some up but wife was right there). I enjoyed the bouquet as I cleaned it up, small consolation but better than nothing. Guess I’ll be more careful next time and lift a glass to the Peay when I drink the Rhys.

I’m an old-world guy. In my case, Chevillon crushed Bertheau.

In my case FedEx crushed Barthod.