2011 Loring Grenache and Mourvedre has arrived.

I just received my shipment of 2011 Loring Grenache and Mourvedre. Has anyone had a chance to try these? Any idea on an ideal drinking window?

I’d love to pop one of each soon but it seems like it’s awfully early for 2011s.

Take one for the team, and report back. [cheers.gif]

I’d certainly give each a shot now. My guess, knowing Brian, is that they are ‘relatively ripe’ and therefore probably ready to roll with a good decant. Of course, I have not seen any of his tasting notes or recommendations, so . . . .



I cracked a convergence last night. Note later tonite.

Pretty cool. Good for Brian. I didn’t know he was doing those.

They were bottled about 3 weeks ago - but they open up quickly once opened. I’ve been trying them (a lot) the past few weeks, and they’re already showing well. The Mourvedre is very unique - its like a Raspberry Mocha Latte. The coffee and even impression of cream is crazy fun. I can’t wait to see what people think!

I was a huge fan of the Grenache…and thought it had some suprising structure (its rich enough that you don’t notice the structure right off…but it is there). I don’t think there’s an issue in drinking it now…but I definitely prefered it with food because of that structure.

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I guess I’ll try one of each, sooner rather than later. They did just fly 3000 miles so I’ll let them rest for a couple of weeks.

Sounds like an intriguing Mourvedre. Another Mourvedre that gives the palate impression of vanilla ice cream is the Carlisle, Two Acres. At least the '02 and '04 versions did when young, but age has changed that.

Well if something we made is in any way similar to something Mile Officer made, then I’d be pretty damn happy!

tech data on the Mourvedre? vineyard site? oak regimen?

I couldn’t restrain myself. Just opened a bottle of the Mourvedre. Lots of sweetness and oak. Very drinkable but I’ll wait a while on the others to see if it sheds its baby fat. On to the Grenache, most likely tomorrow night.

Fruit came from Russell Family Vineyard in Paso Robles (located between L’Aventure and Windward). Alc 15.1% and pH 3.68. 13 months in oak - 60% new (80% French/20% American).

Tried this last evening and really enjoyed it. A great example of really clarifying to me what makes good mourvedre unique. I can see what you mean by the “Raspberry Mocha Latte” profile. It really developed nicely throughout the evening. I’ll give the other 2 another 12mos or so to settle.

BTW, I’ll hold the grenache for at least a few months before I try them!

Thanks for that information, Brian. I’d love to try this someday. [cheers.gif]