2011 Hudelot Noellat Vosne Romanee Les Suchots

Only one word here.


This one will age on balance alone. What an incredible mix of great sexy fruit and forward structure.
Such a silky texture. The kind of texture that makes Jayer wines and some others so appealing.
Not a long aging wine but this is special.

Great job Charles.

Had this a few weeks ago it was STUNNING delicious! I should try a Jayer too ! [wow.gif]

Making me happy here, gents. Thanks.

You should be happy.
Having this wine next to the 2011 Francois Bertheau Bonne Mares.
A terrific wine itself btw. To me the best in the Bertheau lineup.
This Suchots is really something else. So detailed and accessible.

Great note Don - thanks for sharing! Looks like I have some of this on order - can’t wait to try… CHEERS

Thanks Don. I have been drinking quite a few 2011 reds over the last month or so. They are so delicious with their open knit juicy fruit and nice transparency. A bottle of Catherine et Claude Marechal Volnay disappeared in record time last night.

+1. Mine are resting peacefully in the cellar.

Don, you waste no time getting to the good stuff.
What, you had these for A day before opening them?
I admire your zeal.

this has for years been my second favorite Suchots, behind the now overpriced Arnoux-Lachaux, though Grivot is evidently quite good, but that’s one I cellar and haven’t tasted.


Thanks for the wine.
I have to taste them to make sure they are OK. [good.gif]