2011 Ceritas "Porter Bass" Chard

2011 Ceritas “Porter Bass” Chard
Light golden color.
Rich nose of seashells, vanilla and lemons.
Very pure, young, lipsackin’ lemon/lime fruit with brisk, spicy, dry, minerally, cleansing finish.
Love this wine and had no problem with the strong acidity as this wine reminded me of a newly released top-flight Chablis.
You know, the kind that can remove enamel from one’s teeth when young!
Based on past experiences with this wine, I am confident that the acid will tame down and the fruit will continue to fill out.
All that is needed is patience…
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That wine is sooo good, thx for the TN.

Ceritas just knocked it out of the park in 2011 with their Chards.

Liked this one as well, but not as much as the Peter Martin Ray. Found it needs a bit of coaxing to get anything from it.

Funny this comes up along with the note on the '11 Peter Martin Ray. Repeating myself, this, the Porter Bass, was my first Ceritas Chard, and to me all the mineral and acid just didn’t add up to Chardonnay. So the other night I’m drinking an '11 Domaine de la Pepiere Muscadet. After a bit I thought…hmmm…this reminds me of the '11 Ceritas PB. And at 14 bucks. I bought more Pepiere. Different strokes.

Holding on to my other bottle of this for awhile to see what happens.

I like the '11 of this a lot, but the '12 is other-worldly.

Agreed, the 12 is WOTV kind of wine.

Damn, now I HAVE to try the 2012…
Tis the Season. [cheers.gif]


Stop Glenn…I haven’t even touched one of my 12s… Your the devil…

Still drinking my 10s

Good news is I got a boatload of 12s so I suppose I could sacrifice one.

Ha, having tasted one of the '09s, I’m still waiting on those and haven’t touched later vintages.

We had 2009 bottle number two last night Chuck, jeesh it was great. Keyser Söze.

Seeing all these PMR and PB threads has me wondering where the Heintz fits in the stylistic range. Only have 2 bottles, so I suppose I should just bust into one. Any insights though?

I totally get what you’re saying. I love muscadet and understand the comparison. For me the Ceritas Chards are similar stylistically but just bring a little bit more than any muscadet I’ve ever had.

I have one each of all their 2009 left…won’t be touching those for some time…keeping one bottle of all their wines each year seperate.