2011 Ceritas "Peter Martin Ray" Chard

2011 Ceritas “Peter Martin Ray” Chard
Medium golden yellow color.
Intense lemony nose.
Powerful citric/pineapple entry led to a very long, firm, Ultra-Minerally finish with licorice undertones.
A ton of dry extract with fine acid assures that this pup will enjoy a long life with certain future positive development.
A very young, Chablis/Chassagne style of Chard and a standout in every way! [worship.gif]
Congrats to John and Pheobe on another killer wine!
Forget about this for another 5 years and expect it to age and improve for an additional decade at least…
[96 pts]


Just killa. Would not think Chassagne myself.

Cant remember if it was the PMR or the PB that people were complaining about from this vintage. I on the other hand loved all their 2011 chards, its nice to see a CA producer embracing vintage characteristics for once, sameness is boring to me.

Thanks Paul!

Can confirm. This is quite good.

I didn’t express myself well in the note.
Should have stated a Chablis/Chassagne Blend…


Nice stuff indeed. Paul, I agree with your recommendation to let this age.

Ceritas 2011 Chards = WIN

Tyler, I believe it’s the 2012 PMR that has received mixed tasting notes. It seems most people conclude that they prefer the 2011. I know I do.

Ken is that a Zalto Universal glass?

Agree with the sentiment, but it’s not like Ceritas is the only producer with wines that show differently from vintage to vintage.

It’s possible, but since the photo was taken at a visit last year with John Raytek at the winery, I suspect it was something less expensive.

My recollection is that it’s the 2011 Porter Bass that has gotten mixed reviews. Pretty sure it’s not the '12 PMR because I skipped that one and have regretted that decision based on subsequent tasting notes posted here.

Steve, I went to CT and checked the notes (as well as my own). You’re quite right that the 2011 PB has some mixed reviews. My note was also a bit mixed (nice enough, but not showing much depth when tasted). The 2012 PMR also has a couple semi-mixed reviews, with several tasters noting that it’s richer than the 2011 (one stating it’s flabby), and stating their preference for the 2011.

So then I guess the correct answer is “all of the above” [wink.gif]

I had not looked at the CT notes on either wine recently, was going off my recollection of what had been posted here. But maybe now I don’t feel quite so bad about missing out on the '12 PMR.

You should. You’ll know the pod people have me when I reinforce purchase decisions by cellartracker groupthink.

Gee, thanks Glenn! [snort.gif]

12 will be very fine in time, I have eleven bottles left and will share!

I order the chards every vintage and every vineyard bottling plus magnum. Once I ordered a bit less and I regretted it later. Amazingly consistent producer.

No, they are zaltos. Phobe was telling me she almost passed out when john wanted to use those for tastings, but now is glad he did.

In fact based on my visit there, I bought two of the universal for my chards and two burgundy.

Love those glasses.

Thanks for the correction, Mark. The shape certainly looks like a Zalto but I figured they wouldn’t use something that pricey for tastings at the winery. The wines certainly tasted great from that glass, but I think that was more due to the wine than the glass! [cheers.gif]