2010 Rieussec, Yquem and Neal Martin?

Love Rieussec, prefer Suduiraut…I always find Rieussec a bit fatter and unctuous, while Suduiraut is a bit more linear and taut.

Regardless, I can buy a mixed case of halves for the price of a Yquem 750…yes, please…shit, I’ll be dead in 100 years so who cares.

Anyone scoop up pre arrival 2008 Yquem halves on PC for $95??

What? Was this recent?

Funny, I’m exactly the opposite. I prefer Rieussec. Yes, it’s fatter and unctuous, but it also has great depth and complexity. Suduiraut can be hit or miss, with big exceptions (2001, which is phenomenal), and some of their more recent efforts have been superb.

You are correct, and it is something the pedant in me tries to correct often. It is NOT d’Yquem, and it sure as hell isn’t Y’quem as several have referred to it in this thread.

Thanks, good suggestion.

The '10 Yquem is a fantastic wine, right up the with the '01 for mine.

If any other Sauternes is even close to it, then I’d be grabbing them fast…

30% Amex deal last weekend.

Chuck, it was my auto correct on my phone, I was tired of fighting with it so the phone won.
Man, people get their panties in a bunch on a frickin’ board, I should rehash siebers thread on what people’s pet peeves are on this board…